John Peel

Position: Herald Staff Writer


John Peel

Position: Herald Staff Writer


Throwing that first flag as a football referee – it’s more fun than you might think

Author’s note: This is the third in a series of stories about the process of becoming a football referee. The others appeared Aug. 15 and 29.Uh oh. The kid with the ball is running my way. Other...

DATE: Sept. 11, 2011 | COLUMN: John Peel

The monks are gone – what was left behind?

The concept is difficult for a typical Western mind to grasp:An intricate sand painting is painstakingly crafted over four full days, then obliterated on the evening of the final day.Whether they...

DATE: Sept. 4, 2011 | COLUMN: John Peel

Among questions for first-time ref: Will pants stay up?

Author’s note: This is the second in a series of stories about the process of becoming a football referee. The first appeared Aug. 15.It has taken a week to muster the courage to try on my borrowed...

DATE: Aug. 28, 2011 | COLUMN: John Peel

Where there’s smoke, a firefighter emerged

Smoke is billowing from a big old barn.You’re on the job, and putting out a barn fire is certainly not part of your normal work duties.This is not your property. You’re just driving by because a...

DATE: Aug. 21, 2011 | COLUMN: John Peel

The ‘keyboard ref’ – taking an inside look at officiating football

Author’s note: This is the first in a series of stories about the process of becoming a football referee in Durango. Others will appear periodically.The thing that bums you out is being told you...

DATE: Aug. 14, 2011 | COLUMN: John Peel

Dr. Tom Grams killed in Afghanistan a year ago

Lengthy silent pauses. Cracks in their voices. And poignant spoken words, too. All give proof of the waves of sadness still stirring in the friends of Tom Grams.“It’s a hard week, you know,” Sandy...

DATE: Aug. 7, 2011 | COLUMN: John Peel

Half of a hundred; it’s a big number

I distinctly remember the day I hit middle age.It wasn’t Wednesday, although that was my 50th birthday. It was two years ago, and I needed someone else to tell me. I guess that’s a good sign?It was...

DATE: July 24, 2011 | COLUMN: John Peel

Persistent, precise: Age no barrier to Durango cyclist

It may be in your 30s, or 40s, or even into your 50s. You’ll be tempted to say, “I’m too old to compete.”That’s when guys like Walt Axthelm will pose a problem.At age 77, the Durango cyclist is...

DATE: July 17, 2011 | COLUMN: John Peel

FLC’s 1st dean honored

George Franklin Snyder put ketchup on his mashed potatoes.He was a “proper” man who didn’t drink or smoke. His emphasis on the value of education spanned generations.“G.F.” Snyder came from...

DATE: July 3, 2011 | COLUMN: John Peel

Who cares? Durango couple finds staff that does

When your life’s on the line, you want people around you who care.Ginger St. Ours is alive today, and that may be the reason why.The world inside the hospital, that microcosm, is not something that...

DATE: June 26, 2011 | COLUMN: John Peel

River Trail hits snag: So what’s new?

Like other great works, including those found in a major town in Italy, the Animas River Trail was not built in a day.It was built with foresight and with political and community will. It was built...

DATE: June 19, 2011 | COLUMN: John Peel

They leave, but we will never forget them

Paul Pixler died June 5. His life spanned nine eventful decades.I hadn’t talked to Paul in a long while. My connection to him is more professional than personal, I suppose. But I have to say I...

DATE: June 12, 2011 | COLUMN: John Peel

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