John Peel

Position: Herald Staff Writer


John Peel

Position: Herald Staff Writer


Rain and people, both falling from the northern Rockies sky

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, Mont. - The blue-gray lake sits in a deep, glacier-carved valley, waterfalls cascading down thenear-vertical rock wall above. Simply beautiful. That's what they tell me,...

DATE: June 28, 2010 | COLUMN: John Peel

Tour offers look at Seattle's not-so-distant present

SEATTLE - We're not living in the past or the present, is one of the first seemingly irrational statements out ofDietrich Sachs' mouth. It's your first clue that a weird, sometimes-metaphysical...

DATE: June 21, 2010 | COLUMN: John Peel

Freedom of the road? Remaining plugged in

BLACK HILLS BYWAY, Ariz. - My friend Rich interrupted Ozzy Osbourne. But if anyone needs to apologize, it's me. Sorry, Ozzy. No, I mean, sorry, Rich. There I was, driving along a gravel road,...

DATE: June 7, 2010 | COLUMN: John Peel

World falling for Grand Canyon Skywalk

GRAND CANYON WEST, Ariz. - It's about overcoming human nature. It's intellect over instinct as you step out onto the glass-floored walkway cantilevered over the Grand Canyon on the Hualapai...

DATE: May 31, 2010 | COLUMN: John Peel

A town that rattles with a few live ghosts

CLIFTON, Ariz. - It seems like a ghost town, but it isn't. At least not yet.It's Saturday afternoon, and I'm all alone plodding up Chase Creek street, the main drag downtown. Boarded-up...

DATE: May 24, 2010 | COLUMN: John Peel

Astronomers will admire Chacoans' knowledge

CHACO CANYON, N.M. - They say about 6,000 people lived here in Chaco's heyday. They say nobody lived here.They say the ancestral Puebloans pecked an image of the 1054 supernova into the rock near...

DATE: May 16, 2010 | COLUMN: John Peel

Looking beyond Durango: A summer detour

My 12-year-old nephew didn't quite get it.Why, Uncle John, would you want to drive around the country in your truck? What's the point?That blew my mind. I've always loved to travel, from the time...

DATE: May 10, 2010 | COLUMN: John Peel

Controversy circles landmark Animas (City) Mountain

This newspaper does not shy away from the important issues of the day. To prove it, today we'll unearth a bubblingcontroversy destined to shake this town.The great debate of our era is not health...

DATE: March 29, 2010 | COLUMN: John Peel

Even after death, Bill Mashaw's influence continues to help local causes

Those acquainted with Bill Mashaw knew a determined man who twisted arms to get people to hand over their money.If that sounds like a recipe for evil, well, in Mashaw's case, it was the opposite....

DATE: March 1, 2010 | COLUMN: John Peel

Call it a heavy metal workout during winter doldrums at the gym

Cowbell: plink-plink-plink-plink-plink-plink-plink. Power chords: “Dun-dunh-dun-dunh." Cowbell:plink-plink-plink-plink-plink-plink.Right there. You can't help it, can you? You're immersed in the...

DATE: Feb. 21, 2010 | COLUMN: John Peel

Looking in the dark for the bright side

Southern Arizona reached the high 60s last week. Acapulco hit the mid-80s. With each thick layer of slush that I slide onto my shovel, then fling over the head-high-and-still-growing pile along...

DATE: Feb. 1, 2010 | COLUMN: John Peel

Bonus: A story with 3 'endings'

A story may seem to have an ending. It can be happy, sad, funny, ironic. But an ending is just a trick.Life is not so clear-cut. Do people simply vanish when their stories end? Most do not. After...

DATE: Dec. 28, 2009 | COLUMN: John Peel

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