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Matt Kelly

Protect aging parents: Listen, question, act

In the wake of the recession, fear and desperation are making seniors more vulnerable to financial predators than ever.Sixty-one percent of senior citizens say they worry about running out of money...

DATE: Aug. 30, 2011 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Take a simple approach to your financial life

A simple life can be a satisfying life, and simplicity can allow you to focus on what matters most to you and what brings you the greatest fulfillment.But living this way requires effort. Without a...

DATE: Aug. 2, 2011 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Help your teen to manage money wisely

The sooner teenagers begin to learn smart money management, the sooner they can become financially independent adults.Right now, 57 percent of all 20-year-olds are dependent on their families for...

DATE: July 5, 2011 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

This summer, get the most out of your money

During the summer months, vacations, weekend trips and nights out can quickly overheat your checkbook and melt down your budget.But fun doesn’t have to break your budget this year. A few simple,...

DATE: June 11, 2011 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Book looks at money and who you are

Being clueless about money is no longer affordable, says Kate Levinson.In her new book, Emotional Currency: A Woman’s Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship with Money, Levinson, a...

DATE: May 10, 2011 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Put your personal recession in the past and rebuild

Congratulations, you have won the battle against unemployment! You have a new job, and money is coming in. Now what?You may be tempted to start overdue home-improvement projects, take a weekend...

DATE: March 8, 2011 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Do it yourself: Break the habit of overspending

Do you have the nagging feeling that you may be overspending when you buy groceries or go out to eat? After all, it’s so easy to add extras to your cart or head to your favorite restaurant when the...

DATE: Feb. 8, 2011 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

This year’s goal: Control your finances

You can choose to make 2011 the year you gain control of your finances and begin living your dreams.This is the fourth in a series of columns about how to change your money habits for the new year....

DATE: Jan. 11, 2011 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Try this one new, easy money habit for next year

This month, you have the opportunity to create a new habit that will both save you money and improve your health. You’re going to tackle the largest discretionary spending category in your budget:...

DATE: Dec. 21, 2010 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Turn your dream vacation into a reality

Vision without action is merely a dream.Action without vision just passes the time.Vision with action can change the world.– Joel A. Barker, author and futuristLast month, I asked you to think...

DATE: Nov. 23, 2010 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Make the choice to make lasting financial change

The year is fast coming to a close. Soon your attention will turn toward resolutions for 2011. I bet one of those resolutions will be taking control of your finances.To reach that goal next year, I...

DATE: Oct. 26, 2010 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Be prepared for inevitable life changes

The only constant is change. Change by nature can be stressful, and change usually carries a financial component.Being financially prepared for the expected and unexpected changes life brings can...

DATE: Sept. 28, 2010 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

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