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Matt Kelly

Everything you wanted to know about money

I’ve been doing a lot of driving lately. Since I returned to Durango in June, I’ve driven to Minnesota, Denver and Wyoming, where we watched the eclipse. Driving also means listening to podcasts,...

DATE: Sept. 2, 2017 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

The stupidest thing you can do with money

You may have guessed that I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to personal finance. Only a freak would get up at 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday to write about money. Right? Given that, it shouldn’t surprise...

DATE: Aug. 12, 2017 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Nine things a year of travel taught me

As a personal finance coach, I warn clients that debt steals your dreams. I’ve long known the power of them to guide financial choices, but now as I reflect on living one of my dreams, traveling...

DATE: July 21, 2017 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Methods to make a scholarship search easy

If you have a high school student in your family, there is a good chance that you’ve started thinking about college and how to pay for it. That’s true for us, too. Malcolm, our 16-year-old, just...

DATE: June 28, 2017 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Should you invest or pay off your debt?

Whether to pay off debt or invest is a common question. My answer is always: It depends. Let’s look at Pat’s case. He is 30 years old and considering paying cash for a $200,000 condo. Should he pay...

DATE: June 10, 2017 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Professor Nudge says: Automate your savings!

In my last column, I warned about the hazards of lifestyle inflation. Today, I’ll give you a few tools to prevent spending more than you earn and start automatically saving for your future....

DATE: May 26, 2017 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Caution! Lifestyle inflation ahead

I had to issue that warning to myself yesterday. I love looking at big, old homes and imagining what it would be like to live there. Spring has sprung here in Philadelphia, and I’ve been exploring...

DATE: May 5, 2017 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

The secret to $100 grocery budget revealed

My family of three eats delicious, healthy meals on a grocery budget of $100 a week, with enough leftovers for lunch. How do we do it? The secret is really quite simple, and you can do it, too. We...

DATE: April 14, 2017 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Grocery shopping doesn’t have to kill a budget

$100. That’s our budget each week for our family of three, including a teenage boy. And we each take our lunch to school or work nearly every day. By my calculations, we’re saving between $1,800...

DATE: April 1, 2017 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Rekindle your dreams goal by goal

There are no coincidences. I sat down to write this column, turned on Pandora and Shakira’s “Try Everything” from “Zootopia” started blasting. “I won’t give up. No, I won’t give in, till I reach...

DATE: March 7, 2017 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

How to stop those 3 a.m. money worries

If you’re like me, money worries hit hardest in the middle of the night. Fortunately, fear and anxiety about money don’t intrude on my sleep the way they once did. Unplanned expenses used to pop...

DATE: Feb. 14, 2017 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

Drowning in debt? Grab this life preserver

Credit card debt can feel like drowning. I know. I’ve had balances of more than $25,000. I was in deep. If you have credit card debt, you have plenty of company. Thirty-eight percent of U.S....

DATE: Jan. 31, 2017 | COLUMN: Money Savvy

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