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Barhardt, Robbins represent future

It was a big week for young and seasoned golfers alike at Dalton Ranch Golf Club as both the Junior Club Championship and the Men’s Club Championship were contested.Cameron Barnhardt was crowned...

DATE: Aug. 21, 2012 | COLUMN: Clubhouse Porch

Dalton Ranch, Hillcrest to pedal new champions

While the professional cyclists descend on Durango for their Grand Depart in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, a pair of local golf clubs will be hosting their club championships.It’s Club...

DATE: Aug. 14, 2012 | COLUMN: Clubhouse Porch

Golf back in the Olympics? It’s not an absurd notion

I must preface my opening paragraph with tongue firmly planted in my cheek as the Olympics are upon us, and the International Olympic Committee essentially shuttered the demonstration sports back...

DATE: Aug. 7, 2012 | COLUMN: Clubhouse Porch

The rules of golf get amended for a benefit event

Last week, I had too much to say and too little space to squeeze it all in, so I will start with a reminder about one of the fun events of the golfing season – the Dudley Engle Memorial Golf...

DATE: July 31, 2012 | COLUMN: Clubhouse Porch

Lyons’, Bryniarski and Pease win local titles

We are in the thick of the busy tournament season, and three events took center stage over the last 10 days at the Hillcrest Golf Club:Hillcrest Golf ClubThe Hampton Inn 2-Player Scramble and Best...

DATE: July 24, 2012 | COLUMN: Clubhouse Porch

Summer rains have brought greener greens

I must say, the recent rains have been a welcome relief to the heat wave that gripped our area. The greens and fairways on our area courses are noticeably greener. And for that matter, so are the...

DATE: July 17, 2012 | COLUMN: Clubhouse Porch

Our Ryder Cup, Member/Member prays for rain

What an eerie sight last Saturday watching the AT&T Congressional on the East Coast after severe storms plowed their way through the area. Tournament officials told spectators and volunteers to...

DATE: July 3, 2012 | COLUMN: Clubhouse Porch

Junior golf camps help set stage for future stars

We all have witnessed the surge of new, young players on the professional golf tours. These young golfers had to get their start somewhere, Perhaps, they attended golf camps at their local course....

DATE: June 26, 2012 | COLUMN: Clubhouse Porch

I am clueless, but Knous is a man with a plan

I admit it. I am clueless in Durango.I had the weekend off and expected to settle down and enjoy the U.S. Open on television. In years past, the Open was on one of the big three networks, but all I...

DATE: June 18, 2012 | COLUMN: Clubhouse Porch

Brace yourselves for the 51st Navajo Trail Open

When the Navajo Trail Open first became a tournament, I was 10 years old and only concerned about fishing, riding my bicycle and occasionally making a green in my grandmother’s backyard with a...

DATE: June 12, 2012 | COLUMN: Clubhouse Porch

Grass is greener ... wait for it ... where animals go

The grass always is greener ... wait for it ... on the golf course.I can back this statement with fact, even as recently as the other day. We humans can see this with our own eyes, but animals only...

DATE: May 28, 2012 | COLUMN: Clubhouse Porch

Don’t let excuses or distractions stop your game

Excuses, excuses. The only one who loses is you. Or is it me?That phrase was running through my head over the last week as I kicked myself for forgetting to put my golf clubs in the car before...

DATE: May 22, 2012 | COLUMN: Clubhouse Porch

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