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Gov. Jared Polis has issued a statewide stay-at-home order for non-essential workers and activities.
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Jaber: Prom qualms - is it time to reinvent the DHS prom?

With the anticipation of prom tonight, the halls of Durango High have been clamoring with talk of who still needs to buy their shoes, who is braving the dance alone and countless other whispers of...

DATE: April 21, 2018 | COLUMN: Students on Point

Swanson: Toxic masculinity and the way we raise our boys

For years, we have taught our boys, from the moment they come into the world, that to be a man you can’t show emotions, respect is connected to violence and have repeatedly ingrained three toxic...

DATE: March 19, 2018 | COLUMN: Students on Point

Ragsdale: Words — a force for harm or good in the world

Our words have the power to shape people’s lives, whether it’s through the pounding of white supremacists’ marches or our president’s hateful tweets. Stereotyping has become a dangerous force in...

DATE: Feb. 17, 2018 | COLUMN: Students on Point

Knight: Liberal pity for conservative women is misplaced

One year ago, the Women’s March on Washington drew crowds of over three million people to protest the election of President Donald Trump, and to advocate for a slew of issues believed to be...

DATE: Jan. 20, 2018 | COLUMN: Students on Point

Monument reductions disrespect culture, history

Earlier this month, President Trump displayed yet another example of blatant disrespect of Native American cultures and environmental conservation, stating his plan to dramatically reduce two major...

DATE: Dec. 18, 2017 | COLUMN: Students on Point

Sentner: Gifted and talented or wealthy and privileged?

In sixth grade, I sat down with the rest of my class to take a standardized test. I was confused: it asked me about shapes and patterns instead of the questions on math and literature that I was...

DATE: Nov. 20, 2017 | COLUMN: Students on Point

Inspiration is simple and within reach of all of us

Two years ago, I wrote about Valentine’s Day (I hope you sent your letters in February). Last year, I wrote about the importance of giving back to your community. This year, I’d like to talk about...

DATE: May 20, 2017 | COLUMN: Students on Point

High school is hardest after being accepted to college

As the spring season rolls around at Durango High School and college acceptance letters are arriving at students’ doorsteps, seniors are facing the most challenging part of their high school...

DATE: April 15, 2017 | COLUMN: Students on Point

Students on point - Lucas Robbins

Remember how everyone always tells you that you learn the most from failures, not successes? That may be the case, but failure is still not something to strive for. A failure every now and again...

DATE: Feb. 18, 2017 | COLUMN: Students on Point

Social media often leave one more disconnected

I got my first smartphone at the ripe age of 14. Since then, barely a day has gone by in which I haven’t texted, tweeted, posted, friended, liked, called, vlogged, snapped, yakked, commented or...

DATE: Dec. 18, 2016 | COLUMN: Students on Point

Finding balance between work and what matters more

I lost my father two months ago. While he was sick for a long time, his final decline happened over a period of just three weeks. And, of course, I didn’t realize how little time we had until the...

DATE: Feb. 18, 2012 | COLUMN: Students on Point

Education in Durango should include the outdoors

School is important; but for me, I have learned some of my greatest lessons outside.While my family raised me with an appreciation for the wilderness, I know many students lack the motivation or...

DATE: May 17, 2009 | COLUMN: Students on Point

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