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Knowledge of trees helpful all year

It can be depressing to see fall leaves blow away into the dark days of winter. But conifer trees are always full of life. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, there is plenty to learn about...

DATE: Nov. 20, 2015 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Rural cemeteries: Forgotten history in lonesome places

The wind rustles the grasses and snow silently covers the graveyard tombstones. These monuments in stone are chroniclers of past lives; the witnesses for cherished souls now gone. Expressions of...

DATE: Nov. 6, 2015 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

You should go check out wildflowers in the mountains

Stop complaining about the rain. Really, it’s not that bad. Did you forget about the drought we were in and the risk of catastrophic wildfires? I think you need to take a walk in the mountains. If...

DATE: July 24, 2015 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Spring rain means no fires? Think again

The recent spring rain may lull you into thinking there won’t be much of a fire season. And there may not be – this summer. But fast forward to next June and think about how much more fuel is on...

DATE: June 26, 2015 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Get outside with San Juan Mountains Association

Everyone at San Juan Mountains Association loves our Southwest Colorado summers, just like you do! What a beautiful time of year to simply enjoy being outside, hike, camp, horseback ride, mountain...

DATE: May 22, 2015 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Looking for something new? Get to know Mud Springs

The Bureau of Land Management Special Recreation Management Areas offer a unique combination of terrain scenery and climate that allows for nearly year-round recreation close to town and are...

DATE: April 24, 2015 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Be a good neighbor and help to prepare for any wildfire

May 2 is National Wildfire Preparedness Day At a recent wildfire conference in Tucson, Arizona, we took a field trip up Mount Lemmon to view, among other things, the community of Summerhaven, which...

DATE: March 28, 2015 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Stay up late tonight, check out the stars

The longer hours of darkness in the winter make it a perfect time of year for stargazing – night starts early, so you don’t have to stay up too late to enjoy the stars! The air temperature is...

DATE: Feb. 21, 2015 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Christmas trees have uses after holidays

’Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the tree lot, many creatures were stirring and wondering, “What?” What to do with these trees that now have no home? Could we find them a place now...

DATE: Jan. 23, 2015 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Stay warm outdoors in the winter

By Mark Winkworth San Juan Mountains Association Getting outdoors in the winter is a great way to have fun and get some exercise, and staying warm is the key to fun and to keeping safe from the...

DATE: Dec. 27, 2014 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Christmas-tree traditions have Victorian roots

By Ruth Lambert San Juan Mountains Association With the founding of Animas City (1876) and Durango (1881), local residents often celebrated Christmas holiday traditions that were based in the...

DATE: Nov. 22, 2014 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Minimizing micro-trash in the wilderness

As most folks already know, 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. The year has been full of events to celebrate and create awareness of the precious resource that is wilderness. ...

DATE: Oct. 25, 2014 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

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