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Leave No Trace: Don’t leave your home without it

An estimated 2 million visitors will drive, hike, camp, backpack, horseback ride, fish and more on the San Juan National Forest and area Bureau of Land Management lands this summer. In the fall, an...

DATE: March 23, 2013 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

S.W. Colorado no stranger to volcanic activity

Here in Southwest Colorado, we don’t often think of volcanoes. Some might think of volcanoes as faraway forces creating islands in oceans or billowing toxic smoke across the skyline of some African...

DATE: Feb. 23, 2013 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Here’s where to go to frolic in snow

The San Juan Mountains offer some of the most stunning vistas anywhere. There are acres upon acres of public lands that are ripe for exploring. In the summer months, it is easy to access this...

DATE: Jan. 26, 2013 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Understanding gear system for winter outdoor recreation

By Mark WinkworthSan Juan Mountains AssociationAs the winter weather slowly descends on Southwest Colorado, it leaves more time to gear up for the snow and dropping temperatures. While many people...

DATE: Dec. 22, 2012 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Abert’s squirrels a year-round symbiotic forest resident

This fall, while leading a group of third-graders around Junction Creek Campground near Durango, we were enthralled with the bustling activities of Abert’s squirrels getting ready for winter. These...

DATE: Nov. 24, 2012 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Enjoying backcountry easier when you are balanced

San Juan Mountains Association works as the nonprofit educational partner of San Juan National Forest, Bureau of Land Management’s Tres Rios Field Office and Canyons of the Ancients National...

DATE: Oct. 27, 2012 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Take a ride – on horseback – into the backcountry

By Celia BoydSan Juan Mountains AssociationAutumn is a great time to enjoy our public lands. The trees and shrubs are showing off their fall color. With cooler weather on the horizon, it’s time to...

DATE: Sept. 22, 2012 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Preparation the key to successful, enjoyable hunt

By Alan PetersonSan Juan Mountains AssociationIt is hard to believe that summer is almost over, school is starting and hunting seasons are beginning again.With the start of the archery season...

DATE: Aug. 25, 2012 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Summer outdoor programs offer fun, learning for families

Who doesn’t love Colorado in the summer? Peaks to ‘bag,’ wildflowers to smell, rivers to run. It just doesn’t get any better than this. San Juan Mountains Association, in partnership with San Juan...

DATE: June 23, 2012 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

10 years after Missionary Ridge – remembering community’s courage

If you asked 12 people for one word to describe their memory of the Missionary Ridge Fire of 2002, you probably would come get 12 different responses. Though the question pulls up many images of...

DATE: May 26, 2012 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

History comes alive with local education project

The San Juan Mountains Association and the La Plata County Historical Society are collaborating to implement a heritage education project to increase community awareness about local historical...

DATE: April 21, 2012 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

Evidence of glaciers abound in San Juans

We live in a beautiful part of the country, and it’s in large part thanks to ice. The area of the present day Animas Valley once contained about 2,000 feet of glacial ice that nearly reached the...

DATE: March 24, 2012 | COLUMN: Stewards of the Land

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