Wendy Rice

Position: From the Extension Office

Email: ricekw@co.laplata.co.us

Darrin Parmenter

Position: La Plata County Extension Office

Email: parmenterdm@co.laplata.co.us

Greg Felsen

Email: gregory.felsen@co.laplata.co.us

Treatments vary to lower cholesterol

The American Heart Association estimates that more than 100 million adults have cholesterol values greater than 200 mg/dl. Of those, one-third have levels greater than 240. For the first time,...

DATE: July 28, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

New 4-H agent wants club to thrive

Greetings, San Juan Basin. My name is Greg Felsen and I am the new 4-H youth development extension agent in La Plata County. I am replacing the wonderful commitment to service and community...

DATE: July 21, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Plants lack umph? Try this fertilizer formula

I hope that I am not alone in the puny garden department this year. It seems as if the tomatoes, which were planted May31, haven't put on much growth. Seeds sown at the first of the month still...

DATE: July 1, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Going green savvy move for eateries

We are spending a lot of time (and energy) going green. What about food-service establishments? Here's a way to enticecustomers while saving real dollars. Going green can save operational costs,...

DATE: June 24, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Wise watering the key to defeating drought

My family and I went camping last weekend - the first of hopefully many weekends away from the house. This was themaiden voyage for the recently purchased pop-up camper, which is a luxury - albeit...

DATE: June 17, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Golden years can be gold with good planning

When it comes to retirement pensions, questions abound. Will there be enough? How can I help it along? Where to put it?If you are like me, these questions leave you with your head spinning and...

DATE: June 10, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Flaunt beauty, bounty in local garden contest

What message does your yard, or garden, or property convey? Is it one of indifference (i.e. rentals that haven't seen ahose, or mower, or trowel for years) or commitment? Does it display your...

DATE: June 2, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

High altitude is the bane of local bakers

This Memorial Day weekend we welcome visitors who will experience a variety of altitude problems - shortness of breath,bloody noses and faster sunburns. The same things that create these problems...

DATE: May 27, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Reading labels important when going gluten-free

To continue our discussion on gluten-free diets, this week I'll briefly discuss some pitfalls as well as findingadditional information. For starters, you need to raise your awareness, prevent...

DATE: May 12, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Find a story line and be sure to stick with it

In my last column, I introduced the idea of creating your outdoor space. It can be a daunting task, but if you take itstep by step, it can be much easier and useful.I wanted to finish a couple of...

DATE: May 5, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

The landscaping process begins by thinking big

A couple of years ago I wrote about my yard, and my outdoor living space. For an urban lot, it is relatively large andhad been neglected for years. We decided to start with a clean slate, with the...

DATE: April 22, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

Gluten-free foods, diets are gaining in popularity

Since I last wrote about celiac sprue and gluten-free diets, there has been an increase in the number of peoplefollowing the gluten-free diet in our community and nationally.So if you are finding...

DATE: April 15, 2010 | COLUMN: From the Extension Office

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