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Position: Creating Community

Here’s to those who help people with disabilities thrive

Sept. 10-16 is National Direct Support Professionals Week. DSP Week celebrates and honors a segment of our workforce that is often invisible to the general public. As I try to do every year at this...

DATE: Sept. 8, 2017 | COLUMN: Creating Community

Ar 170829631
Ar 170829631

Concerned about someone? Reach out, save a life

September is National Suicide Prevention month. The International Association for Suicide Prevention, in collaboration with the World Health Organization and the World Federation for Mental Health,...

DATE: Aug. 25, 2017 | COLUMN: Creating Community

Fight must go on to save lives, livelihoods of people with disabilities

On July 26, the Senate narrowly defeated a health care bill that would have ended life as they know it (or for some, life period) for many people with disabilities across the nation. It was the end...

DATE: Aug. 11, 2017 | COLUMN: Creating Community

Have you considered adding more purpose to your giving?

As my days seem to get busier at a steady rate, I find myself asking more frequently, “What is the purpose of what I am doing right now?” Answering this question from time to time helps me to...

DATE: Aug. 4, 2017 | COLUMN: Creating Community

Ar 170729534
Ar 170729534

Nurse-Family Partnership helps give young families healthy start

Women in impoverished regions face enormous challenges – a dangerous physical environment, isolation and reduced access to education. For them, the anxiety of an unplanned pregnancy is profound. A...

DATE: July 28, 2017 | COLUMN: Creating Community

Senate health care bill hurts people with disabilities

There has been a lot of talk (mostly negative) about the American Health Care Act, now called the Better Care Reconciliation Act in the Senate version. Apparently, it hasn’t been enough to derail a...

DATE: July 7, 2017 | COLUMN: Creating Community

Ar 170639965
Ar 170639965

WIC program increasing access to healthy foods

Since 2002, San Juan Basin Public Health has housed the local Women, Infants and Children program with services available through clinics in Durango, Ignacio and Pagosa Springs. WIC is a...

DATE: June 30, 2017 | COLUMN: Creating Community

Quality early care, education have positive effects on families

I was recently part of a discussion where someone asked what I felt was the “one thing” that could be done to address some of society’s challenges. In my opinion, and that of many of my nonprofit...

DATE: June 16, 2017 | COLUMN: Creating Community

House version of AHCA includes cuts to senior, disability programs

Wherever you stand on the issue of health insurance, it’s critical that we all stay informed on the impacts of proposals to change our health care system. According to the Congressional Budget...

DATE: June 9, 2017 | COLUMN: Creating Community

Ar 170609889
Ar 170609889

Participate in public health emergency dispensing exercise

San Juan Basin Public Health will be working with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on a Public Health Emergency Dispensing Exercise on June 16 at the La Plata County...

DATE: June 2, 2017 | COLUMN: Creating Community

Sometimes, free things can have tremendous value

The spring cleanup offered by the city of Durango definitely leads to some interesting curb-shopping! I have seen several people perusing the items put out for disposal (Hmmm ... Maybe I need that...

DATE: May 5, 2017 | COLUMN: Creating Community

Ar 170429520
Ar 170429520

Suicide Prevention Community Summit to be held to help address the issue

Sadly, Southwest Colorado has experienced more than its share of suicides over the past few years, with regional and state suicide rates significantly higher than the national average. The...

DATE: May 1, 2017 | COLUMN: Creating Community

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