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Disposal of our bodies: What to do after we die?

November is the cruelest month. People I loved have died in November, and with Halloween and Dia de los Muertos just past, it seems fitting to think about the macabre and our bodies dying. What...

DATE: Nov. 2, 2016 | COLUMN: Authentic Aging

The holidays can be more difficult as we age

Many of us will be spending time with family and loved ones this holiday season. The joys of seeing grandchildren, being with our own kids, perhaps traveling to exciting places, experiencing the...

DATE: Oct. 31, 2016 | COLUMN: Authentic Aging

Support end-of-life options, vote ‘yes’ on Proposition 106

We get the diagnosis: We have six months to live. We’re in pain, very ill and can’t see ourselves struggling through these next few months. None of us want to be confronted with this situation, for...

DATE: Oct. 5, 2016 | COLUMN: Authentic Aging

Looking back at our lives can bring gratification

Do you think it’s important to leave something behind when your life is over? Something for your family or something for the community? We all want to feel that we made a difference, that the world...

DATE: Aug. 31, 2016 | COLUMN: Authentic Aging

Vacations bring so much joy, but challenges too

It’s summer, time for vacations! Not only is it fun, but traveling gives us different perspectives on things. It takes us from our comfortable routines and forces us to adjust, hurry, wait, be...

DATE: Aug. 3, 2016 | COLUMN: Authentic Aging

Downsizing to calm: When it’s time to de-clutter

Many of us are trying to clean out years of accumulated stuff, de-clutter our living spaces and simplify our lives as we get older. Reasons for this are many: to make it easier for our kids or...

DATE: July 6, 2016 | COLUMN: Authentic Aging

Big birthday is reminder to live in the moment

There’s a big birthday on my horizon this month. It’s one that has a zero. Yikes! It’s interesting to watch myself cling to the decade before this new one. Somehow, aging up to a new set of...

DATE: June 1, 2016 | COLUMN: Authentic Aging

Wrestling with big questions without clear answers

I am way out of my league here, but this loss of roles we experience as we age has me exploring ego and self-identity. We begin our lives just being. We are here, with no agendas, roles or goals....

DATE: May 4, 2016 | COLUMN: Authentic Aging

As we age, our purposes change along with our years

Purpose is said to be the reason for which something exists. What about you and me? Our intentions seem to change as we age. In earlier years, our purposes may have been making a marriage, raising...

DATE: April 6, 2016 | COLUMN: Authentic Aging

As we get older, our friendships evolve

As we age, we’re encouraged to weed out closets, basements and attics, and throw away all the accumulated stuff of decades that no longer fits or is relevant to our current lives. I’m noticing a...

DATE: March 2, 2016 | COLUMN: Authentic Aging

Opening to the reality of death with grace, dignity

You get the diagnosis you didn’t want. The life expectancy is five years for only one in three people, and shorter for the others. Your life changes in an instant. What do you feel? What do you...

DATE: Feb. 3, 2016 | COLUMN: Authentic Aging

The challenge and difficulty of being cared for

A recent health situation has put me into the possibility of having sinus surgery in Denver. I won’t know for a few weeks, but it has caused an upheaval that I thought I wouldn’t have to experience...

DATE: Jan. 6, 2016 | COLUMN: Authentic Aging

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