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Squatters decamp after gremlin grumblings

My question may be a touchy one, but I have to ask. Each workday, I travel along Roosa Avenue between U.S. Highway 160 and the Ninth Street Bridge. I’m baffled by the parking lot for decrepit RVs...

DATE: Sept. 10, 2018 | COLUMN: Action Line

Police return device fast and with humor to boot

Uh oh. I knew parking was strictly enforced in Durango, but seriously? Why would the city impound its own fleet? Is Durango a parking dictatorship? Sign me, Vladimir Bootin When the city of...

DATE: Sept. 3, 2018 | COLUMN: Action Line

Confusion dogs law enforcement at wildlife area

A couple of weeks ago, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer informed me that dogs are to be “on leash” at Pastorius Reservoir. The officer provided a lengthy lecture. Two days later, a La Plata...

DATE: Aug. 27, 2018 | COLUMN: Action Line

Pushy pedestrians put the cross in crosswalk

Is it me or are Durango pedestrians getting more aggressive? I’ve experienced more and more walkers who don’t pause when entering an intersection. They jump right out into the street. Sheesh! And...

DATE: Aug. 20, 2018 | COLUMN: Action Line

Franken-fauna only threatens gardens, not health

Here’s a photo of a deer taken north of town. Yikes! Do you suppose this deer has been camping on our uranium mill tailings or lapping up heavy metals from the Animas River? Sign me, “The Velvet...

DATE: Aug. 13, 2018 | COLUMN: Action Line

City has concrete laws regarding sidewalk cows

A friend and I encountered this colorful cow, apparently lost from the Chicago “CowParade” art exhibit, and she (the cow and not my friend) was partially blocking our path on the sidewalk. Is Bessy...

DATE: Aug. 6, 2018 | COLUMN: Action Line

Glass recyclers are in the clear with open containers

I was taking my glass to the recycling station. On the way, it occurred to me that there were several beer and alcohol bottles in the mix. Having an open container in the car is illegal in many...

DATE: July 30, 2018 | COLUMN: Action Line

Mysterious trailer pops up on the radar screen

My husband and I saw this trailer on Missionary Ridge the other day. It’s by the transmission towers at the west end overlooking Durango. What is it and what’s it doing up there? – Michelle Wesley...

DATE: July 16, 2018 | COLUMN: Action Line

A battery of questions about hydrants, recycling

Since fires dominate the news, I’m curious why the city has pink fire hydrants. Is the city out of red paint? Not that pink is bad or anything. I just thought fireplugs should be red. Sign me,...

DATE: July 9, 2018 | COLUMN: Action Line

Subaru parade needs a steering committee

We’ve noticed lots of older black and dark blue Subaru Outbacks in Durango. I mean, there are four within three blocks of our house. Recently, when I went for a wine-and-beer run, a young man...

DATE: July 2, 2018 | COLUMN: Action Line

Watermelon board has colorful option to slapping

Much to my frugal husband’s horror, I’ve been purchasing pre-cut watermelon. I’m sick of buying the whole watermelon only to find it either over- or under-ripe. Yes, yes. I know I can return it....

DATE: June 25, 2018 | COLUMN: Action Line

License plates at forefront of controversy

I’ve been wondering why many Colorado vehicles don’t have front license plates? Doesn’t the law say Colorado drivers need both? Maybe these people want to be pulled over for roadside dancing...

DATE: June 18, 2018 | COLUMN: Action Line

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