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Gov. Jared Polis has issued a statewide stay-at-home order for non-essential workers and activities.
Mike Smedley

Position: Special to the Herald

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Roundabout ruffians are running roughshod

Now that we have fancy roundabouts all over Durango, could we have an article about how to use them? I’m sick of nearly getting hit all the time. – ErinErin isn’t the only frustrated local who...

DATE: Dec. 5, 2010 | COLUMN: Action Line

Workaday flock still gobbles turkey the day after

Sitting around the table during Thursday’s orgy of roasted poultry, an odd question arose: With all the leftovers, does anyone order a turkey sandwich for lunch at a restaurant on the day after...

DATE: Nov. 28, 2010 | COLUMN: Action Line

Skinny intersection is ready for fat snowflakes

I have a bad feeling about the newly configured intersection of Florida Road, 14th Street and East Third Avenue. By dividing the lanes with mini concrete islands, the road seems less prone to...

DATE: Nov. 21, 2010 | COLUMN: Action Line

Puppy pushers, icky eateries have half-baked plans

Just a quick note to let you know about another great sign I saw today. In front of Walmart, some folks had “Puppies For Sale – Full Bread.” Makes you wonder sometimes! Best wishes, Bill BowlbyMrs....

DATE: Nov. 14, 2010 | COLUMN: Action Line

‘Durango Dress’ not quite the right fit for this town

Any comments on the “Durango Dress” from the new Athleta catalog? Maybe Mrs. Action Line can help. – Surviving Without A Dress In Durango Since 1983It’s ironic that things named after Durango have...

DATE: Nov. 7, 2010 | COLUMN: Action Line

‘Red Thingy’ on Florida Road has a colorful past

Driving through construction on Florida Road, I noticed that the “Red Thingy” once located near Aspen Drive has been moved to higher ground across Florida Road to the south. What exactly is the...

DATE: Oct. 31, 2010 | COLUMN: Action Line

Cowboys and carolers unlikely to hurl healing hemp

I went to Bayfield’s July Fourth parade and was disappointed that there was no “medical marijuana float” entry. Maybe there will be one in the Snowdown Parade. Instead of tossing candy or beads,...

DATE: Oct. 24, 2010 | COLUMN: Action Line

Dead batteries spark lively debate – and fires on trucks

Why has the city outlawed the collection of alkaline batteries at such businesses as Walmart and Kroegers? Now we have to take them to City Hall. Won’t this just encourage us to just throw them in...

DATE: Oct. 17, 2010 | COLUMN: Action Line

Suppress the urge at highway ‘Death Merge’

Whenever I drive Colorado Highway 3 to pick up my daughter at Escalante Middle School, I encounter “The Death Merge.” Isn’t there a better solution as we risk life and limb trying to cut across...

DATE: Oct. 10, 2010 | COLUMN: Action Line

Super-secret scheme refines ‘Durango Lifestyle’

I noticed that the City Council has tackled all the tough issues facing the town involving chickens, dispensaries and now the possible use of Segways on the Animas River Trail. I am curious. What...

DATE: Oct. 3, 2010 | COLUMN: Action Line

Hands-free Durangoans can drive with their knees

A friend was visiting from out of town and was alarmed by local motorists, especially the ones driving newer cars. She has a theory: Car dealers are forgetting to hook up the blinkers when vehicles...

DATE: Sept. 26, 2010 | COLUMN: Action Line

Denial isn’t just for baby boomers, dog owners

Is there a program similar to Big Brothers Big Sisters for those advanced in age? Seems there would be a need for aging baby boomers, Follies cast members and others of that age group who would...

DATE: Sept. 12, 2010 | COLUMN: Action Line

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