Mike Smedley

Position: Special to the Herald

Email: actionline@durangoherald.com

Drivers squeezed by thinner parking spaces

There are more important problems in the world, but I've got a gripe: narrow parking spaces. I run a business on east Eighth Street and all day long, I watch locals and tourists alike try to...

DATE: Jan. 26, 2009 | COLUMN: Action Line

Clueless skiers, bikers clog trails, roads

In the summer, my pet peeve is bicyclists riding two abreast like they own the place, giving all road bicyclists a bad name. In winter, it's classic cross country skiers who eschew the track so...

DATE: Jan. 19, 2009 | COLUMN: Action Line

Tips for making 2009 an arrest-free year

A friend was a passenger in a car that was pulled over for speeding. Along with requesting the driver's license, the officer also asked my friend (the passenger) to produce identification. Is this...

DATE: Jan. 12, 2009 | COLUMN: Action Line

Plowing leaves residents in the cold

Why can't the city do a better job of snow removal? I can't believe the city waits until folks have driven over all the streets and packed down the snow into irremovable ice, which then turns the...

DATE: Jan. 5, 2009 | COLUMN: Action Line

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