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Special series: Solutions to youth suicide in La Plata County

Man afraid to be alone starts affairs with married women

DEAR ABBY: My son has taken it upon himself to get romantically involved with two different married women. He’s newly divorced after a long marriage and hates the idea of being alone. He says he...

DATE: Sept. 24, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Dance puts teen in awkward position

DEAR ABBY: Homecoming is next month, and we are not allowed to take outside dates. My girlfriend goes to a different school and doesn’t want me taking anyone else. My school is very small (only 60...

DATE: Sept. 21, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Accident ends couple’s plan to have children together

DEAR ABBY: I am 15 years older than my boyfriend, “Spencer,” and have two kids from a previous marriage. Spencer and I have been living together for the past 10 years. I planned to have his...

DATE: Sept. 20, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Mom wants to shield kids from relative’s new lifestyle

DEAR ABBY: A close relative has started working in the adult industry. She now dresses provocatively, showing lots of skin. She has also covered much of her body with tattoos and adopted the...

DATE: Sept. 18, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Wife is blindsided by news of husband’s past romance

DEAR ABBY: My husband, “Bill,” and I have been happily married for 22 years and have two very active, beautiful children. Our oldest daughter has been playing on a traveling soccer team for the...

DATE: Sept. 17, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Single mom’s frustrations, pain boil to the surface

DEAR ABBY: About 20 months ago, after I found out I was pregnant, I was abandoned by the father of my child. My mother had passed away a month before. So I was grieving, shocked to discover I was...

DATE: Sept. 14, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Grandparent feels family slowly drifting apart

DEAR ABBY: Two years ago, my son and his family moved a couple of hours away. He’s my only child. I know he’s busy with his wife, two children and his job, but I would like to hear from him more...

DATE: Sept. 14, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Man’s anxieties prolong loneliness

DEAR ABBY: When I was a teenager, there were many times when I made things awkward. It continues today. I try to have normal conversations with people, but when I do, I have nothing to say. My...

DATE: Sept. 11, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Daughter tired of religious talk

DEAR ABBY: There’s this woman I’ve known since I was a child. She’s a Jehovah’s Witness I’ll call Beatrice. She comes by my house every so often to share pamphlets and talk about her religion. She...

DATE: Sept. 10, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Daughter drives mother to tears

DEAR ABBY: I recently traveled to Germany to help my 19-year-old daughter settle in for her semester of study abroad. I was in tears the entire trip home, not because I was sad to leave her, but...

DATE: Sept. 9, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Woman wants equal relationship

DEAR ABBY: I am in a long-distance relationship. I live in Kansas; he’s in Michigan. Because we are 720 miles apart, phone calls, text messages and Skype are vital to the health of our...

DATE: Sept. 8, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Friend continues to make bad choices

DEAR ABBY: I have a friend who’s 22 and has two children, which I helped her to deliver. She is also my neighbor. Since she moved in and divorced her husband, my husband and I have watched her...

DATE: Sept. 7, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

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