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Special series: Solutions to youth suicide in La Plata County

Man drifts from grandparents

DEAR ABBY: I love my grandson dearly. He lived with us off and on growing up because there were problems in his birth family. Our relationship was always close and loving. I confess that we...

DATE: Jan. 14, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Insecure teen blames parents

DEAR ABBY: I’m a 16-year-old girl, and I’m pretty sure I’m the most insecure thing on the planet. I always feel self-conscious. Although I guess it’s normal for kids my age to feel like this, it’s...

DATE: Jan. 13, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Single mom above social stigma

DEAR ABBY: I have an answer for a question from “Excluded in the East” you printed on Sept. 24: “Why do married couples exclude single people?” As a single mother with three children for 15...

DATE: Jan. 12, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Runaway teen avoids grandma

DEAR ABBY: My 18-year-old granddaughter ran away twice last year. She’s now living with her boyfriend and refuses to have any contact with her dad. I know my son is very strict, and I’m pretty...

DATE: Jan. 11, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Swinging makes wife uneasy

DEAR ABBY: My husband, to whom I’ve been married since July of 2016, has recently caved in to pressure from friends to participate in “swinger” behavior. He wants me to be included, but I really...

DATE: Jan. 10, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Mother worries about children

DEAR ABBY: I have grown children. All of them are underachievers. When contemporaries talk about their children getting jobs, getting married, having kids, going on vacation, buying a house/car,...

DATE: Jan. 9, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Girl warns about photo sharing

DEAR ABBY: I’m writing to you about an experience I had that might be useful to girls my age and older. I’m in eighth grade and friends with more boys than girls. Because I’m a tomboy, fitting in...

DATE: Jan. 8, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Man may quit card-playing group

DEAR ABBY: I play cards with a group of men I have known for more than 20 years. We switch partners after six hands so everyone partners with everyone. One member of the group has become unable...

DATE: Jan. 7, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Man begs ex for second chance

DEAR ABBY: I was divorced for 10 years, and am now remarried. Four months after we said “I do,” my first husband left me on Valentine’s Day, without a word. It was out of character for him not...

DATE: Jan. 6, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

There’s help for domestic violence victims

DEAR ABBY: I grew up watching my mom being abused and eventually murdered by her husband. It was terrible. She was only 36, and I was 16. Although it took nearly 30 years, I’m finally at peace. ...

DATE: Jan. 5, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Vintage car concerns passenger

DEAR ABBY: Recently a friend came over and took me to lunch. She has a small, 50-year-old vintage car that was popular in the 1960s. She came to my house from Marin County over the Golden Gate...

DATE: Jan. 4, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Young woman crushes on in law

DEAR ABBY: My son and his wife have been together 10 years. They met and fell in love young. They are only 25 and have two beautiful children. I remarried three years ago, and my son’s wife was...

DATE: Jan. 3, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

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