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Special series: Solutions to youth suicide in La Plata County

Friend’s husband, kids unwanted on vacation

DEAR ABBY: “Charlotte” and I have been friends for 16 years, ever since we met in college. She lives several states away, so we see each other only once a year when she and her family come to town...

DATE: July 22, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Woman unsure about forgiving friend

DEAR ABBY: Five years ago, someone I thought was my best friend betrayed me. I had developed a relationship with a married mutual friend. My best friend felt it was her “right and duty” to out us...

DATE: July 21, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Video games threaten relationship

DEAR ABBY: I am tired of taking a backseat to my boyfriend’s video game addiction. He comes home from work, sits on the couch and gets lost in his video games. It has gotten to the point where he...

DATE: July 20, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Widow struggles to start dating

DEAR ABBY: I was widowed seven years ago. When my husband died, I thought it was the end of my suffering. It had been a mentally and physically abusive marriage for 30 years. We were complete...

DATE: July 19, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Grandson asks about dating

DEAR ABBY: I have guardianship of my 12-year-old grandson. He has recently fallen head over heels for a girl in his class and wants to date her. I am out of touch with the younger generation, and...

DATE: July 18, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Family dismisses special diet

DEAR ABBY: I am a diagnosed narcoleptic. Medication helps with the symptoms, but not entirely. I looked into alternative options and found a fantastic diet. I recently went on it with amazing...

DATE: July 17, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Friends turn their backs on girl

DEAR ABBY: My daughter has graduated from high school. She had been in a residential treatment program for depression the year and a half prior to returning to this school. Her old friends had...

DATE: July 16, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Dear Abby

Love Is the Best Present to Give Grandson With Down Syndrome DEAR ABBY: We have three grandchildren and are due to make our annual visit. Two of the children are easy to plan for, and we have...

DATE: July 15, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

College student wants to be organized

DEAR ABBY: I am a 20-year-old college student. After attending a local community college for two years, I will be starting classes at a four-year school. I make excellent grades, but I struggle...

DATE: July 14, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Worker has crush on boss

DEAR ABBY: I’m 20 years old and have a job in retail. I have been working here for a few years and am in a higher position than most associates. I’m in a relationship with my high school...

DATE: July 13, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Remarriage starts cemetery discussion

DEAR ABBY: My brother-in-law “Charles” has earned the privilege of being buried in a military cemetery. He lost his wife, “Claire,” to cancer 10 years ago; she is buried in their plot in the...

DATE: July 12, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

Wife cheats with no remorse

DEAR ABBY: I have a wonderful husband of 11 years and three children. “Carl” is attentive, caring and always puts the needs of our family first. You could say he is everyone’s dream husband. Long...

DATE: July 11, 2018 | COLUMN: Dear Abby

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