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Gov. Jared Polis has issued a statewide stay-at-home order for non-essential workers and activities.
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Durango Public Library excited for the changes ahead

Durango Public Library is going through some major transitions. One of our top priorities is our strategic plan update. We will be releasing a survey on March 4 on the city’s virtual city hall...

DATE: Feb. 28, 2020 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

Library can help with census

Census 2020 is approaching, and this time, libraries are taking an important role. For the first time, people can respond to the census online or by phone as well as by paper or meeting with...

DATE: Jan. 31, 2020 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

Getting our stories – one way or another

Just before the holidays, I visited my grandchildren during their finals. I got a dose of medieval history and thought about the dramatic changes that have occurred in the last 1,500 years. By now,...

DATE: Dec. 27, 2019 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

You can help Durango Public Library plan for the future

During the 2020 budget process, our challenge was trying to open the Durango Public Library seven days a week, with consistent weekday and evening hours. Our patrons have been requesting this since...

DATE: Nov. 29, 2019 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

There are plenty of ways to learn your own way, in your own time

I had the opportunity to observe my teenage granddaughter studying last week. With her wireless earphones, loud music and her computer spread open on her bed, I cringed. She’s an A student. There...

DATE: Sept. 27, 2019 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month

At a recent meeting, I had someone share a photo with me that brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart. It was a photo of her granddaughter holding her first library card. Her granddaughter...

DATE: Aug. 30, 2019 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

Snapshots of daily life at the Pine River Library

In Jeffrey Kluger’s article, “How telling stories makes us human,” he writes: “Storytelling is a powerful means of fostering social cooperation ... and it pays valuable dividends to the...

DATE: June 28, 2019 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

Let your local library become your neighborhood hangout

Who remembers the TV show “Cheers?” The theme song’s chorus says, “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. You wanna be where you can see, our...

DATE: May 31, 2019 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

Library wants to help with career, technology skills

By Ron Schermacher One of the difficulties that library staff experiences relates to how we market our programs to the communities we serve. Getting the word out can be tricky, and we often hear,...

DATE: April 26, 2019 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

We work in local government to make meaningful contributions

When you walk into the Durango Public Library, what do you notice? Materials that are ready for you to check out. People meeting, talking, sharing a cup of coffee or attending an event. A clean,...

DATE: March 1, 2019 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

Together, we can keep our communities resilient

Businesses and institutions, such as libraries, are facing major disruptions. Think of the products that are becoming obsolete as a result of just one of these disruptions – the smartphone: address...

DATE: Jan. 4, 2019 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

Dedicated space for teens and tweens is important

Libraries throughout the country make a concerted effort to reach their local teen audience. By fostering a lifelong love of learning, reading and libraries, our young people are empowered to...

DATE: Nov. 30, 2018 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

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