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Special series: Solutions to youth suicide in La Plata County

Democracy is thriving at your community library

It’s hard to open up a publication these days without seeing some article or opinion piece about the death of democracy. So, what does democracy mean? Democracy, which derives from the Greek word...

DATE: Oct. 5, 2018 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

Libraries can help you realize your dreams

It starts with a dream. A dream of creating something useful, of bringing needed goods or services to a community, of being your own boss and starting a business. Just knowing where to begin can be...

DATE: Aug. 31, 2018 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

Your local public library checks out more than just books

One of my favorite topics of discussion is what libraries offer. I often, almost on a daily basis, encounter people who don’t know what modern libraries are about. Hence, today’s topic “More Than...

DATE: Aug. 3, 2018 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

When combating summer slide, ‘Libraries Rock!’

Summer slide. No, it is not the phenomenon of navigating a burning hot slide on the playground! According to the Colorado Department of Education, summer slide is “ ... the tendency for students,...

DATE: June 1, 2018 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

Remember that libraries are there for you

In recent “Shelf Life” columns, Sandy Irwin, Durango Public Library director, and Shelley Walchak, Pine River Library director, discussed how libraries impact communities and citizens. I’d like to...

DATE: May 4, 2018 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

A shoutout to the library’s hardworking volunteers

How do you define an engaged resident? As the city of Durango goes through our community engagement process, I am continually encouraged by the level of participation of our residents. At the...

DATE: April 6, 2018 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

Can libraries be considered neutral institutions?

Are libraries neutral? Should they be? What does neutrality mean in terms of a library? Neutrality in a library can be defined as “not denying access to library services and resources, and not...

DATE: March 2, 2018 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

Libraries help build community, connect people

When you stop in at your library, do you ever take a moment to consider the full value of the library, its services and materials? The Massachusetts Library Association created a Library Value...

DATE: Feb. 2, 2018 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

Shelf Life: A La Plata library breakdown

Most of us use our public libraries, but aren’t sure how they are structured or funded. We have expectations of libraries. For example, we want certain materials, questions answered, professional...

DATE: Jan. 5, 2018 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

Reading together makes a lifetime of difference

Ask any librarian, and you will discover that we each have our own passion when it comes to library services. Mine has always been services for children. To recommend the right book at the right...

DATE: Dec. 1, 2017 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

Modern libraries change, grow to keep you informed, up to date

I’d like to focus on what is happening in libraries in this article of Shelf Life, now that the concern over e-books has subsided and, to paraphrase the words of Mark Twain, the death of the book...

DATE: Nov. 3, 2017 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

Shelf Life: The Real Issues with Fake News

La Plata County is fortunate to have three public libraries that serve the residents of the county. These libraries serve as equal-access institutions of learning and as neutral, welcoming spaces...

DATE: Oct. 6, 2017 | COLUMN: Shelf Life

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