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Gov. Jared Polis has issued a statewide stay-at-home order for non-essential workers and activities.
Watch Yore Topknot

I was supposed to...?

It seems like I spend a lot of time trying to remember what it is that I was supposed to do. I’ve tried writing things down in a little “tally book,” which helps, as long as I can remember where I...

DATE: Oct. 15, 2018 | COLUMN: Watch Yore Topknot

James: Keep forging ahead

Seems like we’ve had our share of “tribulation” – winter drought followed by summer fire – but through it all,with the help of dedicated firefighters and a slightly more generous weather pattern,...

DATE: Aug. 20, 2018 | COLUMN: Watch Yore Topknot

On ICE, aka ‘La Migra’

ICE is handy if you want a cold drink, not so much if you’re driving on the highway or if you are from another country. ICE, of course, stands for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It...

DATE: July 29, 2018 | COLUMN: Watch Yore Topknot

James: Here we are, back where we started

Hats, specifically Cowboy hats, been wearin’ ’em all my life. Started out with the little black, flat-crowned, flat-laced brim kids hat with a stampede string. I wore it proudly through my infant...

DATE: April 30, 2018 | COLUMN: Watch Yore Topknot

James: Being good just like you are

I have an old Gibson Epiphone guitar my second wife bought me because she didn’t want me breakin’ her Alvarez. I’ve been draggin’ her around for years just ‘bong chinginin’ away whenever I could...

DATE: March 26, 2018 | COLUMN: Watch Yore Topknot

James: When luck is just luck

Do you ever think about luck? Man I do. It’s always there, mashed somewhere between love, snuff, horses and coffee. Good luck, bad luck, lot’s of luck, no luck, it seems there is no end. After as...

DATE: March 5, 2018 | COLUMN: Watch Yore Topknot

Riding along in the litter

I was working my dun horse the other day, just easin’ along down the county road. You would be amazed at all that you can see on the ground from the back of a horse. Empty snuff cans. Cigarette...

DATE: Feb. 5, 2018 | COLUMN: Watch Yore Topknot

James: Strong words and actions

Tyranny, conformity, risk and change are strong words. I imagine the men with powdered ponytails and short pants understood them all too well. They could and would no longer conform to tyranny...

DATE: Jan. 15, 2018 | COLUMN: Watch Yore Topknot

Going ‘round in circles

The sky is a beautiful blue, and there’s just enough chill in the air to make it fresh. Buzz and I are loping great big one-eighth mile circles. He has his head down and just enough round in his...

DATE: Jan. 1, 2018 | COLUMN: Watch Yore Topknot

James: Gettin’ all wound up

I just finished a great Zane Grey book, Riders of the Purple Sage, and am halfway through another titled Tonto Basin. They’re both great stories, and the main characters’ lives are influenced and...

DATE: Dec. 25, 2017 | COLUMN: Watch Yore Topknot

James: The Solar Eclipse Blues

How about the solar eclipse? Quite the event; it always makes me smile when nature does something that makes mankind stand on its toes and say wow! I had an event happen during the eclipse that...

DATE: Dec. 4, 2017 | COLUMN: Watch Yore Topknot

James: Humility – a life lesson

Back when I worked for other people, it seemed really important to know what day of the week it was. How close are we to Friday and the weekend? One of the greatest things about doing what I do...

DATE: Nov. 20, 2017 | COLUMN: Watch Yore Topknot

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