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Fran Sutherlin

Vegetable bowls are both simple and powerful

With warmer temperatures here, it’s the perfect time of year to ditch the heavy winter foods and bring in lighter, healthier eats. There’s no better way to do this than with a flavor-packed...

DATE: May 27, 2020 | COLUMN: Healing Nutrition

No joke: Healthier can be delicious

I still remember the smell walking into my grandmother’s kitchen. She always had food on the stove, freshly baked sweets in the oven ... and, oh yes, always fresh tortillas straight off the cast...

DATE: April 29, 2020 | COLUMN: Healing Nutrition

Vegetable oil: Not as healthy as you might think it is

When it comes to vegetables, it’s easy to decide which ones are good for you, right? Unfortunately, this simplicity doesn’t carry over to vegetable oils. Vegetable oils are edible oils that are...

DATE: April 8, 2020 | COLUMN: Healing Nutrition

What we wish you knew about your weight scale

Do you weigh yourself daily or even weekly? Is it a ritual so important that jumping out of bed, emptying your bladder, getting in your birthday suit and stepping on that weight scale is the start...

DATE: March 9, 2020 | COLUMN: Healing Nutrition

Eating for a healthy thyroid

If you’re experiencing weight gain, intolerance to cold temperatures, or hair loss, it might be a sign your body is not making enough thyroid hormones. And, guess what ... you’re not alone. It’s...

DATE: Feb. 5, 2020 | COLUMN: Healing Nutrition

Improve your gut health for the 2020 boost you need

Many of my clients come in miserable with all sorts of digestive symptoms and pains. Nevertheless, their main focus is still on losing weight. When you focus on the health of your gut, however, you...

DATE: Jan. 8, 2020 | COLUMN: Healing Nutrition

Finding relief from holiday heartburn

When you’re dealing with acid reflux, heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease, it can make your favorite meals ... unenjoyable. The pain associated with these conditions is so severe that it...

DATE: Dec. 11, 2019 | COLUMN: Healing Nutrition

Diabetes: Are you at risk?

November is National Diabetes Month, and this year’s focus is on the connection between diabetes and cardiovascular disease. According to the National Institute of Health, adults with diabetes are...

DATE: Nov. 13, 2019 | COLUMN: Healing Nutrition

Cholesterol: The good, the bad and the ugly

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 102 million Americans have unhealthy cholesterol levels above 200 mg/dl. More than 35 million of these people have levels above 240...

DATE: Oct. 16, 2019 | COLUMN: Healing Nutrition

Could you have ‘leaky gut’ and not know it?

If the foods you’ve always enjoyed (or even loved) now make you sick, you may have what the health industry calls a food intolerance. However, the underlying problem that’s causing it could be a...

DATE: Sept. 18, 2019 | COLUMN: Healing Nutrition

The lesser known side to healthy eating

In today’s fast-paced life, more and more people eat meals on the run (in the car, at the computer, and even over the kitchen sink). If this sounds familiar, there’s a good chance that you’re...

DATE: Aug. 21, 2019 | COLUMN: Healing Nutrition

Enjoying a healthier barbecue

July Fourth is the No. 1 grilling holiday in America. Thursday, 87% of Americans will fire up the outdoor grill or smoker in celebration of our country’s independence. Grilling is a great way to...

DATE: July 3, 2019 | COLUMN: Healing Nutrition

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