Patricia Miller

Position: Arts & Entertainment Editor

Durango festival celebrates Bach

Durango will enjoy an annual Bach Festival for the second time this year. The festival will showcase the music of J.S. Bach; dozens of musicians will perform eight concerts over seven days, from...

DATE: March 10, 2009 | CATEGORY: Arts & Entertainment

And the award goes to...

Just before she left to welcome an expected 163 dinner guests Sunday evening, Joanie Fraughton, director of the Durango Independent Film Festival, revealed the names of the films that won this...

DATE: March 9, 2009 | CATEGORY: Local News

Kenyan film a moving story about building a rural clinic

Remember when Greg Mortenson came to town last autumn with his tales of building schools in the remote mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan? He mesmerized crowds all over town with his stories and...

DATE: March 3, 2009 | CATEGORY: Arts & Entertainment

Irony, hope, murder

If you think the films in this year's Durango Independent Film Festival look better than ever, or at least clearer than ever, they are.The festival's director, Joanie Fraughton, explained Friday...

DATE: March 3, 2009 | CATEGORY: Arts & Entertainment

Party to mark Abbey's legacy

It's been 20 years since the region's most passionate outdoor writer, Edward Abbey, died at the age of 62 on March 14, 1989.Through his novels, essays, letters and speeches, Abbey kept insisting...

DATE: Feb. 27, 2009 | CATEGORY: Arts & Entertainment

Bryant Liggett promoted to top job at KDUR

The succession to the top job at Fort Lewis College's FM radio station KDUR is flowing along from one veteran to another.Nancy Stouffer is leaving to do what she will while the station's longtime...

DATE: Feb. 23, 2009 | CATEGORY: Arts & Entertainment

the Carnegie and the choral

A seasonal highlight in choral music is speeding toward Durango with a concert by 175 singers, tonight and another by 116 performers next weekend.Both will be conducted, wholly or in part by...

DATE: Feb. 20, 2009 | CATEGORY: Arts & Entertainment

Hall-of-famer Stills to play at Fort Lewis

Who was the only artist ever to be inducted twice in the same night into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? You can no doubt guess from the picture on the page that it's singer-songwriter/guitarist...

DATE: Feb. 20, 2009 | CATEGORY: Arts & Entertainment

Abstract beauty

It's tough to recommend paying $85 for a book anytime, but there's no escaping the conclusion that paying such a sum for Mary Voelz Chandler and Michael Paglia's Colorado Abstract Paintings and...

DATE: Feb. 17, 2009 | CATEGORY: Arts & Entertainment

City awards grant for art at police substation

Durango sculptor Preston Parrott's 12-foot-high steel abstract has been chosen for a $15,000 grant from the city of Durango. It will be erected this summer at the police substation in Three...

DATE: Feb. 13, 2009 | CATEGORY: Arts & Entertainment


Birgitta Bjerke considered herself a full-time artist from the age of 11. She posted that memory in her color-saturated show of the clothes she's crocheted since the 1960s."100% Birgitta: The Fine...

DATE: Feb. 13, 2009 | CATEGORY: Arts & Entertainment

High energy dance

The line to buy tickets to Wednesday's Collaborative Dance Concert at the Community Concert Hall was so long that the performance was delayed by a quarter of an hour to shoehorn everyone in. But...

DATE: Feb. 6, 2009 | CATEGORY: Arts & Entertainment

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