David Brooks

Where Obama shines

It won’t help him win many votes this year, but it should be noted that Barack Obama has been a good foreign policy president. He, Vice President Joseph Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton...

DATE: July 19, 2012 | CATEGORY: Columnists

Kristol: Champion of 'detached attachment' in century of hysteria

Irving Kristol was born into a fanatical century and thrust himself into every ideologically charged battle of his age.In the 1930s, as a young socialist, he fought the Stalinists. In the 1940s, as...

DATE: Sept. 23, 2009 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Narcissism line: Reflecting on a culture that valued humility

On Sunday evenings, my local NPR station airs old radio programs. A few weeks ago, it broadcast the episode of the show "Command Performance" that aired the day World War II ended. "Command...

DATE: Sept. 16, 2009 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Obama needs to take health-care effort back to the middle

Two tides swept over American politics last winter. The first was the Obama tide. Barack Obama came into office with an impressive 70 percent approval rating. The second was the independent tide....

DATE: Sept. 2, 2009 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Sotomayor's life as much about striving, sacrifice as civil rights

The senators at the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings Monday told the story public officials are expected to tell on these occasions. It is the civil rights story - about a young minority woman...

DATE: July 15, 2009 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Supreme Court nominee's rulings defy critics' stereotype

Sonia Sotomayor had bad timing. If she'd entered college in the late-1950s or early-1960s, she would have been surrounded by an ethos that encouraged smart, young ethnic kids to assimilate. If...

DATE: June 10, 2009 | CATEGORY: Editorials

CEO study argues against D.C.'s involvement in business

Should CEOs read novels?The question seems to answer itself. After all, CEOs work with people all day. Novel-reading should give them greater psychological insight, a feel for human relationships,...

DATE: May 20, 2009 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Country is taking rare break from centuries-long gospel of success

Over the centuries, the United States has been most conspicuous for one trait: manic energy. Americans work longer hours than any other people. We switch jobs more frequently, move more often, earn...

DATE: March 18, 2009 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Republicans need to start taking the idea of depression seriously

The Democratic response to the economic crisis has its problems, but let's face it, the current Republican response is totally misguided.The House minority leader, John Boehner, has called for a...

DATE: March 11, 2009 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Obama's budget reveals president to be 'a bold, progressive liberal'

You wouldn't know it some days, but there are moderates in this country - moderate conservatives, moderate liberals, just plain moderates. We sympathize with a lot of the things  President Obama is...

DATE: March 4, 2009 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Obama's ambition troubling to one of 'epistemological modesty'

"We cannot successfully address any of our problems without addressing all of them."- Barack Obama, Feb. 21, 2009When I was a freshman in college, I was assigned Reflections on the Revolution in...

DATE: Feb. 25, 2009 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Living according to what life asks of us can save us from ourselves

A few years ago, a faculty committee at Harvard produced a report on the purpose of education. "The aim of a liberal education" the report declared, "is to unsettle presumptions, to defamiliarize...

DATE: Jan. 28, 2009 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

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