Position: Education, business & real estate reporter

Email: patrick@durangoherald.com

About: Patrick Armijo begin his career in journalism as an agate clerk at The Albuquerque Journal in the 1980s.
After studying in the master's program at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Armijo worked as in intern at the Denver Bureau of the Associated Press.
He worked in the early 1990s at The Greeley Tribune. In the mid-90s he moved to The Albuquerque Journal, working at The Journal North bureau in Santa Fe covering the Los Alamos National Laboratory and businesses in northern New Mexico.
He also covered business, the westside of Albuquerque, and he spent three years as the Washington, D.C., bureau chief for The Albuquerque Journal.
He came to The Durango Herald in 2002 as night editor.
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Durango School District increases budget by 10 percent

The Durango School District 9-R school board gave final approval Tuesday to a $54.19 million budget for 2018-19, more than a 10.5 percent increase compared with the 2017-18 budget of $49.05...

DATE: June 19, 2018 | UPDATED: 4 minutes ago | CATEGORY: Local News

Purgatory deals with financial hit from 416 Fire

Many employees at Purgatory Resort are on a two-week furlough, other employees have had their hours reduced and some positions have been eliminated as the resort deals with the financial hit of a...

DATE: June 19, 2018 | UPDATED: 9 hours 55 minutes ago | CATEGORY: Local News

Durango considers temporary evacuation shelter for homeless residents

Durango City Council could open a new, temporary evacuation camp for homeless residents who have been displaced by Stage 3 fire restrictions. The camp would be located on city open space adjacent...

DATE: June 19, 2018 | UPDATED: 9 hours 55 minutes ago | CATEGORY: Local News

Firefighters gain ground on 416 Fire

The 416 Fire stalled for a third day Monday, showing no measurable growth and minimal amounts of smoke as the 34,161-acre blaze smoldered within its own boundaries. The subdued nature of the fire...

DATE: June 19, 2018 | UPDATED: 23 hours 7 minutes ago | CATEGORY: Local News

Silverton shop owners feel economic squeeze from 416 Fire

SILVERTON – The collateral damage inflicted by the 416 Fire hit more than homeowners and businesses within a few miles of the blaze; it also hit owners of shops and restaurants dozens of miles...

DATE: June 19, 2018 | UPDATED: 9 hours 54 minutes ago | CATEGORY: Local News

Food donations come to Silverton as 416 Fire cuts into tourism

The Silverton School gymnasium is nearly full with food donations that have been delivered during the past week. “We’re really grateful for the camaraderie and generosity of our neighboring...

DATE: June 17, 2018 | UPDATED: 2 days 10 hours ago | CATEGORY: Local News

Ebike rental business on a ROLL in Durango

Claire Attkisson is looking to offer the joy of cycling Durango to tourists who aren’t confident enough to handle 6,512 feet in elevation and the foothills of the San Juan Mountains using only...

DATE: June 16, 2018 | CATEGORY: Business

Renters forced to evacuate have few options to get rent money returned

When a natural disaster like the 416 Fire forces renters to evacuate their leased home, they often wonder if they can get a refund for days they weren’t inhabiting a place. But, Colorado has no...

DATE: June 13, 2018 | UPDATED: 5 days 10 hours ago | CATEGORY: Local News

Durango may study radon at new homeless camp

Tests to study the effects of radon on people in tents may be conducted at the site of a new homeless camp expected to open before the end of the month near the Durango Dog Park. The Durango City...

DATE: June 12, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

Firefighters use burnouts to outsmart 416 Fire

HERMOSA – The ominous plume north of Durango churned for an eleventh day Monday, putting up periodic puffs of black smoke as the blaze found pockets of thick vegetation – some discovered by natural...

DATE: June 11, 2018 | UPDATED: 4 days 18 hours ago | CATEGORY: Local News

Assistance center set up for those affected by 416 Fire

For 416 Fire evacuees, information about food assistance, help finding a day job, assistance with your monthly mortgage coming due and more is available at the Disaster Assistance Center in the...

DATE: June 11, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

Weather makes fighting 416 Fire tough

The 416 Fire worked its way to North Buck Creek and the Buck Creek drainage on Sunday and grew to 16,766 acres, almost doubling in size in a 24-hour period. On Sunday evening, fire officials said...

DATE: June 10, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News