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Firefighting costs rise, warming worsens

The costs of fighting wildfires are rising dramatically and could keep climbing in the face of climate change that’s contributing to longer fire seasons in the West and the spread of housing...

DATE: July 27, 2014 | CATEGORY: Nation & World

Big city twister could be catastrophic

A single violent tornado could cause as much as $20 billion in property damage – and countless casualties and deaths – if it hit a big city such as downtown Chicago, according to a report released...

DATE: July 22, 2014 | CATEGORY: Nation & World

Quake risk in U.S. growing

While the West remains the United States’s primary hot spot for earthquakes, hazards appear to be growing in parts of the eastern and central U.S., according to a report and map released by the...

DATE: July 18, 2014 | CATEGORY: Nation & World

Are landslides on rise?

The search for the three men feared dead in a massive western Colorado landslide last weekend was called off early Wednesday, as authorities feared the search could trigger yet another slide. This...

DATE: May 28, 2014 | CATEGORY: Nation & World

Drought grows worse throughout the West

Drought spread and/or intensified this week in seven western and central states, including California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma, according to this week’s U.S. Drought...

DATE: April 24, 2014 | CATEGORY: Nation & World

Winter damage toll tops $5 billion – so far

With close to $5 billion in damages – so far – the U.S.’s damage total from the fierce winter of 2013-14 is about $2 billion above average, according to data from Aon Benfield, a global reinsurance...

DATE: March 7, 2014 | CATEGORY: Nation & World

Brrr! Record lows beat highs

Miley Cyrus was a baby and Bill Clinton had just been inaugurated the last time this happened: For the first time in 20 years, the U.S. saw more record cold temperatures than record hot...

DATE: Jan. 1, 2014 | CATEGORY: Good Earth

Tornado outbreak cost could exceed $1 billion

The cost of the deadly and devastating tornado and severe weather outbreak Sunday in the Midwest could top $1 billion, according to RMS, a risk management firm. Although damage estimates are far...

DATE: Nov. 19, 2013 | CATEGORY: Nation & World

Report: Flooding was ‘unprecedented’

The flood that ravaged Colorado earlier this month was “unprecedented,” according to a preliminary assessment issued by government and university scientists Wednesday. The report, which also stated...

DATE: Sept. 25, 2013 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Tokyo tops list of cities most at risk of disasters

Though Godzilla isn’t listed as a threat, Tokyo has the dubious distinction of being the world’s most vulnerable city when it comes to natural disasters, according to a report released Wednesday by...

DATE: Sept. 19, 2013 | CATEGORY: Nation & World

Globe swelters through 5th-warmest summer on record

The world had its fifth-warmest summer since records began in 1880, the National Climatic Data Center reported Tuesday. Specifically, the temperature over global land and ocean surfaces tied with...

DATE: Sept. 17, 2013 | CATEGORY: Nation & World

Arctic sea ice nears annual summer minimum

Sea ice in the Arctic will reach its annual minimum “any day now,” says Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, which tracks Arctic ice. Although not nearly as ice-free as...

DATE: Sept. 11, 2013 | CATEGORY: Nation & World

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