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Child care prevents abuse and neglect, state officials say

Seventy-seven Colorado children were involved in fatal, near fatal and egregious incidents of child maltreatment in 2018, according to the Department of Human Service’s latest Child Maltreatment...

DATE: July 7, 2019 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Do Colorado’s marijuana taxes go to schools? Yes, but probably not in the way you think they do

Since John Sawyer moved to Colorado from Dallas, Texas, he’s been baffled by something. He spends about $200 a month on cannabis. His preferred shop, Platte Valley Dispensary, does a brisk business...

DATE: Oct. 22, 2018 | CATEGORY: Regional News

How do you make the classroom LGBTQ-inclusive?

The second standard of the six that Colorado teachers are supposed to follow is to make their classrooms a safe and inclusive environment for a diverse population. But when it comes to LGBTQ...

DATE: Sept. 15, 2018 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Teacher’s experiment aims to reach every student

DENVER (AP) – Sometimes it’s tough for one group of kids to get going in a fifth-grade class at Colorado Springs’ Trailblazer Elementary. “When I get off track, it’s sometimes because it’s loud in...

DATE: April 1, 2018 | CATEGORY: Regional News

To keep kids tuned in, Colorado Springs elementary school takes teachers out of the driver seat

Change is underway at a network of Colorado Springs schools looking to break away from the traditional model for teaching. Each of these Next Generation Learning schools redesigned themselves to...

DATE: March 19, 2018 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Here’s an innovative idea: Give students a say in teaching

The first thing you need to know about Daniel Sharpe is that he grew up in a really small town of a few hundred people; Lake City on Colorado’s Western Slope. There he’d go to school, and the...

DATE: Jan. 21, 2018 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Teaching prisoners, one letter at a time

When Kathy Park Woolbert reaches into her mailbox at her home on the outskirts of Alamosa, it’s not just the usual bills and flyers. She finds carefully crafted, sometimes exquisitely hand-written...

DATE: Jan. 7, 2018 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Remote school teaches people how to drive a steam train

CHAMA, N.M. (AP) – In the thick of swirling plumes of coal-fired smoke and greasy engine parts, 11 men, mostly middle-aged and clad in blue overalls and steel-toed boots, are getting ready for a...

DATE: Sept. 25, 2017 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Colorado’s rural school districts getting pinched in the teacher salary game

Human resources director Dan Porter spent the summer like you’d imagine a man in his position would, trying hard to hire employees. He started the season looking to fill 30 vacant positions and...

DATE: Sept. 19, 2017 | CATEGORY: Regional News

New Colorado test scores show students slowly improving

Colorado students’ standardized test scores are slowly improving, three years after a new, more difficult test was introduced. The CMAS test grades whether third- through eighth-graders are meeting...

DATE: Aug. 20, 2017 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Boettcher Teacher Residency provides crucial aid to rural districts

Colorado needs teachers. Thousands of them. Colleges in the state are graduating 25 percent fewer licensed teachers than they did six years ago. The crisis is most acute in rural Colorado, where...

DATE: Aug. 17, 2017 | CATEGORY: Local News

Colo. schools expand search for teachers

DENVER – About 1,000 freshly minted teachers graduated in Colorado last year with credentials in elementary education. Genoa-Hugo Elementary school, an hour east of Denver, only needed one of...

DATE: Oct. 3, 2015 | CATEGORY: Regional News

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