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10 numbers: Colorado’s $30.3 billion coronavirus-sickened state budget

Colorado lawmakers will begin debate Monday on the $30.3 billion coronavirus-sickened state budget – and no one is happy. “Do we love this budget? No,” said state Rep. Daneya Esgar, a Pueblo...

DATE: May 30, 2020 | CATEGORY: Local News

Why a handful of Colorado lawmakers are afraid to go to the Capitol

As House Speaker KC Becker, a Boulder Democrat, called the roll on Tuesday for the first time since Colorado’s legislative session went into recess because of the coronavirus pandemic, Rep. Janet...

DATE: May 30, 2020 | CATEGORY: Local News

Colorado Legislature delayed for two days after destructive protests

The Colorado Legislature was not in session Friday or and will not be in session Saturday as planned after destructive protests in downtown Denver on Thursday night in response to the death of a...

DATE: May 29, 2020 | CATEGORY: Local News

Hospitals could be overwhelmed if older Coloradans don’t reduce social interactions

The coronavirus could peak beyond hospital capacity in Colorado in September unless older adults reduce social interactions by far more than normal for months to come, according to new modeling...

DATE: May 27, 2020 | CATEGORY: Local News

How quarantine affected crime in Colorado

Nobody knew how the coronavirus, with its historic stay-at-home order from the governor, would influence and inspire crime across Colorado . No previous period, no critical incident, offered much...

DATE: May 26, 2020 | CATEGORY: Local News

Colorado Legislature’s return: ‘It’s an 11 on the weird scale’

The hallways were mostly empty. The lawmakers were mostly masked. The interactions were mostly awkward. The General Assembly’s return to the state Capitol after a two-month coronavirus pause...

DATE: May 26, 2020 | UPDATED: 3 days 21 hours ago | CATEGORY: Local News

Colorado’s unemployment system exposes private data during coronavirus crunch

Colorado’s computerized unemployment system inadvertently exposed private data of an unknown number of people who had recently filed for unemployment. The unauthorized access was blamed on a...

DATE: May 20, 2020 | CATEGORY: Local News

Colorado lawmakers won’t be required to wear masks at Capitol

Colorado lawmakers and the public will not be required to wear masks or adhere to standard coronavirus protocols at the Capitol when the legislative session resumes next week. Democratic and...

DATE: May 19, 2020 | CATEGORY: Local News

Polis faces two lawsuits over allowing ballot signatures through email, mail

Two groups – including one hoping to ask voters in November to ban abortions in Colorado after 22 weeks of gestation – have filed separate lawsuits challenging Gov. Jared Polis’ executive order...

DATE: May 19, 2020 | CATEGORY: Local News

Polis says Colorado has capacity to test anyone with COVID-19 symptoms

WHEAT RIDGE – Gov. Jared Polis on Monday said that Colorado now has the ability to test anyone in the state who has coronavirus symptoms – for free – and encouraged people to seek out screening. ...

DATE: May 18, 2020 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Polis to allow signature gathering by mail and email for ballot initiatives

Gov. Jared Polis on Friday signed an executive order that will allow signatures for ballot initiatives to be gathered by email and mail to ensure Coloradans’ democratic rights don’t become another...

DATE: May 18, 2020 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Coronavirus may trigger second-largest property tax cut in Colorado history

At a moment when state and local governments are already drowning in red ink, Colorado’s constitution is now projected to trigger the second-largest residential property tax cut in modern history....

DATE: May 17, 2020 | CATEGORY: Regional News

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