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Durango Public Library to host Literary Festival

Durango Public Library will host the 2019 Literary Festival, beginning Monday and continuing Tuesday and Thursday, at Durango Public Library, 1900 East Third Ave. The keynote speaker will be...

DATE: April 4, 2019 | CATEGORY: Books

New book recounts how daring divers saved 12 boys in a flooded cave

Do you remember last summer’s big news story about 12 boys who were trapped with their soccer coach deep inside a cave in Thailand? As each day passed, and more and more rain flooded the cave,...

DATE: March 17, 2019 | CATEGORY: Books

Anne Hillerman continues mystery series with new book ‘The Tale Teller’

Fans of the Leaphorn/Chee mystery novels will soon have another story to add to their collections: Author Anne Hillerman will continue the series with “The Tale Teller,” scheduled to be released...

DATE: March 7, 2019 | CATEGORY: Books

Netflix to make ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ series

NEW YORK – Netflix has acquired the rights to Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” one of the most celebrated novels of the 20th century. The streaming company announced...

DATE: March 6, 2019 | CATEGORY: Books

Mandy Mikulencak’s new book a hit to the heart

Local author Mandy Mikulencak’s new novel, “Forgiveness Road,” starts off with a bang. Literally. The year is 1976, and the place is Mississippi. It is a sultry summer morning when 16-year-old...

DATE: March 2, 2019 | CATEGORY: Books

Sequel to Michael Crichton’s ‘Andromeda Strain’ due in fall

NEW YORK – The late Michael Crichton’s literary archive and production company has authorized a sequel to his breakthrough novel “The Andromeda Strain.” HarperCollins Publishers announced Tuesday...

DATE: Feb. 26, 2019 | CATEGORY: Books

Stephen King, wife give $1.25M to genealogical society

BOSTON – The master of the American horror novel has donated $1.25 million to the masters of American genealogical research. Stephen King and his wife, Tabitha, made the gift through their...

DATE: Feb. 26, 2019 | CATEGORY: Books

Country Music Hall of Famer Charlie Daniels reflects on life in new book

Charlie Daniels has just released his fifth book, “Let’s Make the Day Count: The Everyday Wisdom of Charlie Daniels,” and he will be in Durango this weekend to sign copies and greet fans. “Let’s...

DATE: Jan. 17, 2019 | CATEGORY: Books

‘Adventure’ books publisher sues Netflix over ‘Bandersnatch’

BURLINGTON, Vt. – The company that publishes the “Choose Your Own Adventure” novels is suing Netflix, seeking $25 million in damages over an interactive film in the science fiction “Black Mirror”...

DATE: Jan. 15, 2019 | CATEGORY: Books

New children’s book addresses depression

A story about a friendly tortoise who likes to dress up and decorate her shell sounds like a cute children’s book, right? “The Tortoise and the Flair” is that, but it also dives into a deeper...

DATE: Jan. 6, 2019 | CATEGORY: Books

Winter Tales lectures start Jan. 10 at Dolores Public Library

Dolores Public Library aims to liven up your weeknights this winter with the return of its outdoor- and travel-themed lecture series Winter Tales, slated for every other Thursday night beginning in...

DATE: Dec. 22, 2018 | CATEGORY: Books

Is Centennial State a hot spot for extraterrestrial visitors?

Is Colorado a destination for those from other galaxies? Longmont-based author and paranormal investigator Richard Estep’s new book, “Colorado UFOs,” talks to those who claim they have seen UFOs...

DATE: Dec. 20, 2018 | CATEGORY: Books

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