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Review: Best children’s books for Christmas

Wow! It’s that time of year again. Hopefully, Santa’s sleigh will be filled with books that will charm and engage young readers. Here are some stellar choices that will enchant all year long: For...

DATE: Dec. 1, 2017 | CATEGORY: Books

Book review: The Go-Backer

The crux of the conflict in Peter R. Decker’s novel The Go-Backer illustrates the frustrations of “those who moved west and followed the mandate of Manifest Destiny,” but who never succeeded in...

DATE: Nov. 30, 2017 | CATEGORY: Books

Louis L’Amour’s son publishes writer’s ‘Lost Treasures’

Posthumous publishing isn’t uncommon when it comes to writers who were as prolific as Louis L’Amour. Sometimes, the volume of unpublished work is big enough that what comes after their deaths ends...

DATE: Nov. 30, 2017 | CATEGORY: Books

Book World: Cloudy with a chance for terror in Joe Hill’s Strange Weather

In fiction and film, horror can be cautionary (Don’t go in the basement!) and even oddly comforting (Bad as things are, they’re even worse on Elm Street). But in times like these, when real world...

DATE: Oct. 30, 2017 | CATEGORY: Books

Take a journey with Durango author’s debut novel

San Juan Sunrise, a debut self-published novel by Edward Lehner, tells the story of Jenny Morse. Lehner, a local, also features Durango as an important character in Jenny’s story. It is always a...

DATE: Oct. 27, 2017 | CATEGORY: Books

Book World: Joni Mitchell from both sides now

With her regal beauty, imperious nature and nifty clothes, Joni Mitchell could fit right into “Game of Thrones.” Her kingdom would be a mix of Canada and California, where handsome male musicians...

DATE: Oct. 17, 2017 | CATEGORY: Books

Review: Of Cartography adventurous, playful

Before even opening the pages of Esther Belin’s newest collection of poems, Of Cartography, the multi-talented artist/poet reveals hints about her intentions. Belin’s cover illustration depicts the...

DATE: Oct. 14, 2017 | CATEGORY: Books

Esther Belin to talk about her new book at Maria’s Bookshop

For Bayfield writer and artist Esther Belin, her new book of poems, Of Cartography, was a long time coming. Belin , whose 1999 book From the Belly of My Beauty won the American Book Award from the...

DATE: Oct. 12, 2017 | CATEGORY: Books

Garth Brooks releasing 5-part anthology of his music, career

LOS ANGELES – Garth Brooks is taking a long look back at his career in a five-part anthology series comprising of books and unreleased music, the first of which will go on sale in November. The...

DATE: Oct. 3, 2017 | CATEGORY: Books

In Quality of Mercy, a new crime-fighting duo is born

The Quality of Mercy, a debut novel by Katayoun Medhat, is garnering kudos from across the literary landscape. Comparisons to Tony Hillerman, Craig Johnson and others are being bandied about. This...

DATE: Sept. 30, 2017 | CATEGORY: Books

Hefner dreamed of being cartoonist; instead, he changed market for top comic artists

Before he became a publisher of posed flesh and prose, Hugh Hefner dreamed of becoming a cartoonist. Young Hugh knew that the striking visual line could help deliver a message, and so he sketched...

DATE: Sept. 28, 2017 | CATEGORY: Books

Megafire sheds light on regional problem

Megafire, by Michael Kodas, could not be a more timely, well-researched book written about this huge threat by Mother Nature to those of us living in the western United States. This part of the...

DATE: Sept. 23, 2017 | CATEGORY: Books

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