Dollar rises, Dow drops 133 points

NEW YORK - A stronger dollar and disappointing corporate news muscled stocks lower Thursday over concerns that theeconomy will struggle to recover. Major stock indexes slid more than 1 percent,...

DATE: Dec. 18, 2009 | CATEGORY: Business

Colorado poinsettia greenhouse business blooming

LOCHBUIE - It was a close call for the poinsettias grown in Weld County.It was early December, the temperatures were below freezing, and owners of the Tagawa Greenhouses in southern WeldCounty...

DATE: Dec. 16, 2009 | CATEGORY: Business

Fox Fire turns to grapes

Fox Fire Farms, a leading local provider of organic meats, is getting into the wine business.Owner Richard Parry has been testing various grape varieties for years, and he's preparing to open a...

DATE: Dec. 16, 2009 | CATEGORY: Business

Sharing business space

Several Durango small-business owners are relearning a lesson from childhood: Share and share alike.While retail sales remain slow and rents high, some small businesses are finding that it makes...

DATE: Dec. 13, 2009 | CATEGORY: Business

State's jobless rate should moderate

DENVER - The new year will not bring a new economy, a prominent Colorado forecaster said Monday.Job losses in 2010 will increase in La Plata County and the state as a whole for a second consecutive...

DATE: Dec. 9, 2009 | CATEGORY: Business

Can't beat the price

DATE: Dec. 5, 2009 | CATEGORY: Business

Falling dollar boosts commodities

NEW YORK - The stock market is picking up where it left off before its scare over debt problems in Dubai.Major stock indicators rose more than 1 percent Tuesday, including the Dow Jones industrial...

DATE: Dec. 2, 2009 | CATEGORY: Business

Retirement aisle

As south City Market store manager Dick Pearson strode down the aisles last weekend looking for someone to help, he wasstopped by a customer trying to find an item. “Bamboo shoots and water...

DATE: Dec. 2, 2009 | CATEGORY: Business

Pet Haus store opens on Main Avenue

There's a new dog in town.Pet Haus has opened at 1444 Main Ave., selling food and toys for dogs and cats in a renovated 2,000-square-foot retailspace.The business aims to cash in on the high-end...

DATE: Nov. 29, 2009 | CATEGORY: Business

Another Brick in the mall

Nearly a decade after opening The Brick House Café and Coffee Bar at 1849 Main Ave., owners Dori Brewster and MichaelDavis have expanded to the Durango Mall.Another Brick, as the mall eatery is...

DATE: Nov. 25, 2009 | CATEGORY: Business

Bed Bath & Beyond coming

Bed Bath & Beyond is coming to the Durango Mall.The nationwide retailer has signed a lease for the vacant 25,000-square-foot storefront on the north end of the malllast occupied by Linens 'n...

DATE: Nov. 22, 2009 | CATEGORY: Business

Steady hand

DATE: Nov. 15, 2009 | CATEGORY: Business

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