Our View: Durango’s unsheletered are us

Recently, we received a letter to the editor in which the author claimed that most people who are homeless in Durango are from “somewhere else” and should go back there. We heard the echo of the...

DATE: April 17, 2021 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Our View: D&SNGR, Rockwood residents should jointly resolve issues

Who would have thought that our iconic Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad would cause such a stink? But things have gotten really stinky up in Rockwood. The railroad has instituted three...

DATE: April 16, 2021 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Our View: Health care bill steps in the right direction

Coloradans – and especially rural Southwest Coloradans – are in trouble when it comes to health care costs. Before the pandemic, about 11.2% of people in Southwest Colorado couldn’t afford medical...

DATE: April 14, 2021 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Our View: Durango Mesa bike park races forward

While everyone’s been bandying about the phrase “sustainable tourism” like it’s the solution to all our town’s woes – and secretly wondering what sustainable tourism really means – Durango Mesa...

DATE: April 10, 2021 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Our View: Lodgers tax vote sends signals on tourism marketing

Durango City Council election results and the approval of an increased lodgers tax, based on preliminary results tallied earlier this week, affirmed the community’s concern for a healthy business...

DATE: April 9, 2021 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Our View: FLC’s Grub Hub models how to help others

Perhaps one in three U.S. college students was experiencing food insecurity – not having reliable access to food – before COVID-19, according to an October 2020 article in the Journal of Nutrition...

DATE: April 7, 2021 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Our View: In wake of shootings, grief

The recent mass shootings in the Atlanta area and in Boulder, where so many Durangoans went to college and have spent time, have sparked grief among us. It’s the kind of grief that doesn’t, on the...

DATE: April 3, 2021 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Our View: Jail inmate is grateful for vaccine

It’s not every day that the Opinion page editor receives a letter from a jail inmate. But it’s not unusual for incarcerated people to write journalists about their plights, hoping to find a...

DATE: April 1, 2021 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Our View: Vote Youssef, Bosmans, Furtney for City Council

Voters in the Durango City Council election that ends at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 6, have time to drop their ballots in the drop boxes around town, but they should not put them in the mail between now...

DATE: March 31, 2021 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Our View: City, county move in the right direction on homelessness

Durango City Council and La Plata County Commission took a significant step forward in a joint session Thursday addressing the possibility of establishing a so-called “managed camp” for unsheltered...

DATE: March 27, 2021 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Our View: Sorrow and celebration

Sometimes “all the news that’s fit to print” seems to be bad news. Monday’s slaughter of innocent people in a Boulder grocery store is just the latest example. Our hearts go out to the families...

DATE: March 25, 2021 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Our View: Solution to loneliness is connection

“We have all known the long loneliness, and we have found that the answer is community,” wrote social activist Dorothy Day. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have felt lonely, some despite...

DATE: March 23, 2021 | CATEGORY: Editorials

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