We the lobby

If we treat U.S. health care like any other sector of the economy, it is doing fine. Investor return is up. So is CEO compensation and shareholder value. It lacks competition, though, which leads...

DATE: Feb. 28, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

There be monsters

There is so much beauty in the world that it becomes easy to turn away from the ugliness, to treat it as an aberration. That is how we felt about R. Kelly, the R&B singer and producer. It seems to...

DATE: Feb. 26, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Downy sweep

We were walking in the snow just before dawn the other morning, through knee-high drifts as it kept snowing, fat flakes striking our cheeks and dappling the black coat of the collie. It was hard to...

DATE: Feb. 25, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Hear Churchill roar

Built at the beginning of the 18th century, with 187 rooms on 2,000 acres, Blenheim, the home of the dukes of Marlborough, is the only non-royal, non-episcopal palace in England. It would be nice...

DATE: Feb. 22, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

To the barricades: Blue states, including ours, take on Trump

On Monday, Presidents Day, Colorado’s recently elected attorney general, Phil Weiser, sued President Donald Trump on behalf of Colorado, saying Trump’s declaration of a national emergency along the...

DATE: Feb. 21, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Nice work: City, county find prudent flight path

When the powers in Washington, D.C., finally turn their attention to correcting the country’s significant infrastructure shortcomings, the per-passenger charge that airports are allowed to add to...

DATE: Feb. 19, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Dry erase: What else will the city remove so it can roust the homeless?

How much are you willing to give up so the city can defend its effort to prevent the homeless from sitting or lying on sidewalks? How much of the city’s character would you sacrifice to spare...

DATE: Feb. 17, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

We’ll take Amazon: And we’ll even throw in some tax breaks

Dear Mr. Bezos, We were very sorry to hear about the hard time those people gave you in New York. That is one hard town, right? They wanted all kinds of crazy things from you. It was almost as...

DATE: Feb. 15, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Get that lion: The 26th president’s cougar fixation

Theodore Roosevelt was a force of nature, an accidental leader fitted to his times, a bred-in-the-bone Eastern elite whose heart was in an egalitarian West; a Republican radical feared by his...

DATE: Feb. 14, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Mountain home: How our original human inhabitants got meat and life

In 1955, Disneyland opened in Anaheim, California. It wasn’t the first theme park, but it was the first connected to a movie studio; it was state of the art and it was a success. In 1957, a...

DATE: Feb. 12, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Read her lips: No free stuff

We read a shocking story on The Intercept the other day, “Top Nancy Pelosi aide privately tells insurance executives not to worry about Democrats pushing ‘Medicare for All.’” It is a long piece of...

DATE: Feb. 11, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Maybe nukes: A bold plan to get to zero emissions

A book was just published with a tantalizing title: “A Bright Future : How Some Countries Have Solved Climate Change and the Rest Can Follow.” Upon reflection, we realized the title of the book,...

DATE: Feb. 8, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

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