Obama urges students to be tolerant of each other

PHILADELPHIA – President Barack Obama, in a message Tuesday to America’s students, urged them to ignore bullies and treat each other with kindness and respect, saying part of the beauty of life...

DATE: Sept. 14, 2010 | CATEGORY: Education

Scores on SAT college entrance test hold steady

Average scores on the SAT college entrance exam held steady this year as a record number of students and more minorities than ever took the test, according to a report released Monday.The status...

DATE: Sept. 14, 2010 | CATEGORY: Education

Rising from rubble

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – When two men barged into Sherrie Fausey’s school a few months after the quake and demanded all the food in the pantry, she calmly said no.The men threatened to kill...

DATE: Sept. 7, 2010 | CATEGORY: Education

As scores ebb, Japan adds heft to textbooks

TOKYO – When Mio Honzawa starts fifth grade next April, her textbooks will be thicker.Alarmed that its children are falling behind those in rivals such as South Korea and Hong Kong, Japan is adding...

DATE: Sept. 7, 2010 | CATEGORY: Education

Private colleges ‘act local’

Hoping to portray themselves as more affordable and all-around better neighbors, private colleges from Appalachia to Boston are sweetening financial-aid packages for students from their own...

DATE: Sept. 7, 2010 | CATEGORY: Education

Despite dip, ACT scores encouraging

Average scores on the ACT college entrance exam inched downward this year, yet slightly more students who took the test proved to be prepared for college, according to a report released last...

DATE: Aug. 24, 2010 | CATEGORY: Education

Generation gaps

MILWAUKEE – For students entering college this fall, e-mail is too slow, phones have never had cords and the computers they played with as kids are now in museums.The Class of 2014 thinks of Clint...

DATE: Aug. 24, 2010 | CATEGORY: Education

Standing, students think clearly

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – In a handful of classrooms nationwide, students are learning to think on their feet.Sixth-graders at a small private school in southern Idaho stand while crunching math...

DATE: Aug. 24, 2010 | CATEGORY: Education

Harvard regains No. 1 status

Harvard pulled ahead of Ivy League rival Princeton in the latest edition of the influential U.S. News & World Report university rankings, while a stronger emphasis on graduation rates drove other...

DATE: Aug. 24, 2010 | CATEGORY: Education

School supply demands multiply

NEW YORK – Like millions of other parents this time of year, I’m about to embark on the annual scavenger hunt known as back-to-school shopping.I thought this dreadful ritual would get easier when...

DATE: Aug. 21, 2010 | CATEGORY: Education

N.M. governor attacks GOP claims

ALBUQUERQUE – Gov. Bill Richardson took his first steps into this fall’s gubernatorial election on Friday, firing off a pointed criticism of Republican nominee Susana Martinez over her remarks from...

DATE: Aug. 20, 2010 | CATEGORY: Education

New Jersey town preparing to close all of its libraries

CAMDEN, N.J. – The library board in Camden, one of the nation’s poorest cities, is preparing to close all three of its libraries by the end of the year, saying its funding has been slashed so...

DATE: Aug. 6, 2010 | CATEGORY: Education

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