We’re trashing the oceans – and they’re returning the favor by making us sick

© 2016, The Washington Post Six years ago, in a bracing 18-minute TED talk, coral reef scientist Jeremy Jackson laid out “how we wrecked the ocean.” In the talk, he detailed not only how...

DATE: Aug. 8, 2016 | CATEGORY: Good Earth

A stunning prediction of climate science – and basic physics – may now be coming true

A lot of people deny climate change. Not many, though, deny gravity. That’s why a recent animation released by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory - well, it came out in April, but people seem to be...

DATE: Aug. 4, 2016 | CATEGORY: Good Earth

Good Earth Briefs

Botany outing to view subalpine wildflowers The Southwest Chapter of the Colorado Native Plant Society is sponsoring a wildflower trip to Lizard Head Pass on Saturday. The hike will follow a...

DATE: Aug. 3, 2016 | CATEGORY: Good Earth

‘Rodentologist’ wants New Yorkers to know more about city’s rats

Rats. In New York, they can outnumber humans four to one, and at any given time, anywhere between 2 million and 32 million wild rats roam the five boroughs. Given their sheer numbers, you’d think...

DATE: Aug. 2, 2016 | CATEGORY: Good Earth

Mexican farmers using fireflies to save forest

NANACAMILPA, Mexico – In the village of Nanacamilpa, tiny fireflies are helping save the towering pine and fir trees on the outskirts of the megalopolis of Mexico City. Thousands of them light up a...

DATE: July 30, 2016 | CATEGORY: Good Earth

California’s huge trees cloned to fight climate change

CAMP NELSON, Calif. – At the foot of a giant sequoia in California’s Sierra Nevada, two arborists stepped into harnesses then inched up ropes more than 20 stories into the dizzying canopy of a tree...

DATE: July 28, 2016 | CATEGORY: Good Earth

Unusual winter hampered Dolores River boating release

A sporadic 12-day boating release from McPhee Dam into the Dolores River in June was hampered by uncertain runoff forecasts after a late-season snowfall, reservoir managers said at community...

DATE: July 27, 2016 | CATEGORY: Good Earth

Good Earth Briefs

Wolfwood to bring wolves to Vallecito campground Wolfwood Refuge will visit Vallecito Reservoir from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Aug. 6 at Five Branches Campground, 4677 County Road 501A. People will be...

DATE: July 27, 2016 | CATEGORY: Good Earth

How to find the dinosaurs that hide inside modern birds

Dinosaurs still roam the Earth. You don’t even have to go to a distant swamp or an isolated jungle plateau to see them. They’re everywhere - waddling over Antarctic ice, sprinting through the...

DATE: July 18, 2016 | CATEGORY: Good Earth

Good Earth Briefs

Workshops to teach birding, fly fishing Durango Nature Studies will host back-to-back events Saturday: The “Birds of the Nature Center” workshop will be held from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. at the Durango...

DATE: July 13, 2016 | CATEGORY: Good Earth

Snow, sea ice keep hitting record lows this year in Northern Hemisphere

As climate scientists nervously watch the Arctic and high latitudes this summer – fearing how 2016’s record warmth could push the delicate system – two new pieces of data are hardly consoling....

DATE: July 13, 2016 | CATEGORY: Good Earth

Climate change affects distribution of clouds across Earth

In a new study published in Nature, scientists say they have for the first time thoroughly documented one of the most profound planetary changes yet to be caused by a warming climate: The...

DATE: July 11, 2016 | CATEGORY: Good Earth

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