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Bailout wish list is only consumerism

I was startled to read the comparison of a $2 billion Colorado stimulus package to Christmas (Herald, Jan 24). The fact that we "need" a $2 billion infusion calls for a more somber tone, and the...

DATE: Feb. 8, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Raise chickens to restore Earth's balance

Let's join with cities throughout the country and welcome chickens in Durango. The arguments in opposition to chickens in Durango are easy to solve. Supporters realize that the rules need not be...

DATE: Feb. 6, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Game management crucial to ranchers

We can be thankful the Animas Valley north of Durango does not have conflict as in Gaza; but there is a rancher and his neighbor who need to talk to each other to help keep it that way (Letters,...

DATE: Feb. 5, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Vicious tone not fitting for local shows

I find that the Herald's Arts & Entertainment editor, Pat Miller, rubs me the wrong way. Her comments are neither a critique nor reporting. She is snide and sarcastic in her comments, especially...

DATE: Feb. 4, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Mercy staff showed courtesy, compassion

I have just spent five days at a most remarkable place. All my needs were met. I was safe and well cared for. The staff was caring, professional and courteous. No, I was not at Disneyland, but...

DATE: Feb. 3, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Too much spent on administration salaries

After reading the article about the city's parks and trails plan (Herald, Jan. 28), I can understand why councilors Meigs and Graham do not support the POST plan or the entire operation, which is a...

DATE: Feb. 2, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Runners don't compare to Roosevelt, Rickey

Being a year-round runner of 41 years and having recently given up cursing in the interest of increasing my vocabulary beyond its usual eight or nine words, I can only say, "Bah Humbug" in response...

DATE: Feb. 1, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Save the ales to protect local economies

One of my favorite bumper stickers is "Think globally, act locally." I decided to practice this mentality and use the Bank of America example as my model.Let's say a couple of our local breweries,...

DATE: Jan. 30, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Wrong definitions applied to Obama

Regarding Mike McKinzie's pathetic attempt to label Obama as a narcissist (Letters, Herald, Jan 22): In McKinzie's own words he states that narcissism is a lack of empathy for others. Do you really...

DATE: Jan. 29, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

9-R denying access to Animas High

Durango School District 9-R is trying to prevent parents and students from learning about a terrific new education option, Animas High School. The district has used all means at its disposal -...

DATE: Jan. 28, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Navajo agenda contains devious request

In December, Navajo President Joe Shirley sent the Obama-Biden transition team a federal agenda that outlines 27 recommended policies and requests for $2.9 billion of Obama's $775 billion stimulus...

DATE: Jan. 27, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Persistent cough could be pertussis

As the Immunization Program coordinator at San Juan Basin Health Department, I am daily made aware of the ongoing outbreak of pertussis - more commonly known as whooping cough - which is one of the...

DATE: Jan. 26, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

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