Back country horsemen co-sponsored clinic

The article about Glenn Ryan and the USFS Regional Specialty Pack String was a pleasure to find on the Herald's June 20 front page; the Web video was nothing short of excellent. The Herald did a...

DATE: June 25, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Biodiesel not a sustainable alternative

Turning plants such as sunflowers into fuel uses much more energy than the resulting biodiesel generates, according to a new Cornell University and University of California at Berkeley study."There...

DATE: June 24, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Second Amendment includes parks, too

Wayne Hare goes to some pains to establish his credentials as a "gun lover" in his op-ed ("The Right to Bear Qualms," Herald, June 7). Then, he launches into an attack on the recent change in law...

DATE: June 24, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Country is being run into the ground

How in the world can anybody approve of the way this country is being run? Bailout money is being spent like a drunkard, with millions going to Congress for campaign contributions and billions not...

DATE: June 23, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Choral Society's 'Requiem' magnificent

I had the distinct pleasure of experiencing the Durango Cho-ral Society perform Mozart's "Requiem" before it left for New York to share its talents at Carnegie Hall.The passion and power that this...

DATE: June 23, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Wolverines also spotted near Silverton

I just read with interest the story regarding a wolverine sighting near Denver (Herald, June 19). It stated that it was the first wolverine in Colorado since 1919.My husband and I spotted two...

DATE: June 23, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Hikers should leash dogs, lose the iPod

It's that beautiful time of year in Colorado when everyone is out on the trails enjoying the great outdoors hiking, biking or on horseback. For safety, everyone needs to be aware of their...

DATE: June 23, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Obama has renewed pride in America

For the first time in the last eight years of my adult life, I feel hopeful. My sense of pride is renewed when listening to President Barack Obama's words.He listens and asks questions of American...

DATE: June 22, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Do not use the outdoors as an ashtray

I shake my head in wonder why someone would throw a lit cigarette out of a car window in the forest. I live in a forested area threatened by the 2002 wildfires. This morning, while walking the dirt...

DATE: June 22, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Turn off cell phone and wake up to world

The picture on the front page of the Herald (June 10) showed a woman on a swing, talking on her cell phone, and it got me thinking about the irresponsible uses of cell phones today.I am afraid...

DATE: June 21, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Planned Parenthood provides key services

The heinous murder of Dr. George Tiller is indeed a tragic event. Protesters who harass and intimidate women as they enter or leave Planned Parenthood clinics should be mindful that their actions...

DATE: June 19, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Pilates instructors need thorough training

Google "Pilates-related injuries" and you'll find statistics show less than 40 percent of the reported 16,000 Pilates instructors are adequately trained; the remainder lack important pre-screening...

DATE: June 18, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

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