Letters to the Editor

Suppressed EPA report available online

The ongoing discussion of "man-caused global warming" cannot be concluded without adequate facts.Alan Carlin of the Environmental Protection Agency provided interesting insight to recent...

DATE: July 10, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Visit to Durango marked by kindness

My family of five spent a week in Pagosa Springs a few weeks ago. During our visit, we decided to stop to visit Durango on our way to Ouray. We were extremely impressed with the courtesies extended...

DATE: July 10, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Pay attention to troops, not Jackson

Seven United States Marines were killed while fighting for our country in Afghanistan on July 6, bringing the total of men and women who have given their lives for our country fighting in Iraq and...

DATE: July 9, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Student funding does not belong to schools

The Herald has stepped up its journalistic investigation in reporting the progress of Animas High School, as evidenced in the June 7 article by conveying more accurate figures.However, the claim...

DATE: July 8, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Holiday reminds of Liberty Bell memory

Around the Fourth of July, I think of the Liberty Bell.In 1917, we were entering the "war to end all wars," and everyone was excited and patriotic.The Liberty Bell was on tour. We went to see it on...

DATE: July 8, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Downtown festivities were fun for families

I just wanted to thank everyone who contributed to Durango's downtown festivities all day on the Fourth of July. It was just a fun day for the whole family. I feel blessed to be able to live in a...

DATE: July 7, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Journal showed Al Franken's tricks

I accepted the fact a long time ago that the Herald's editorial stance is far to the left of my political standing and I usually don't bother to respond to some of the more blatant...

DATE: July 6, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Support for VOA gratifying; keep it up

Thank you to my many wonderful friends in Southwest Colorado.For the last 24½ years I have been honored to direct the Southwest Safehouse, Durango Community Shelter and the Volunteers of America...

DATE: July 5, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Look to health-care fixes, not interests

The Herald's June 8 Opinion page had letters to the editor both condemning government single-payer and condemning a private insurance solution. The solution should be based on what works best, not...

DATE: July 5, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Highway 550 south project drags on forever

People keep asking about the "bridge to nowhere," but what about the endless project on Highway 550 south? How many years will it take to build three miles of highway? It was started many years...

DATE: July 5, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

'Minor uprising' led to a great nation

Another Fourth of July. It took six years of war against one of the most powerful nations in the world at that time to have this holiday.When it started, the English thought it was just a minor...

DATE: July 5, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

New stream presents opportunities

Six or seven weeks ago, a new stream began meandering down Thunderbird Road in the Trappers Crossing subdivision courtesy of the Lake Durango water system. After 30 or 40 yards, it reaches a...

DATE: July 2, 2009 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

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