Letters to the Editor

Americans love freedom - not peace

It is with both humor and sadness that I read Sherry Wilmoth's letter to the editor (Herald, Feb. 23). While I canagree with her statements regarding forwarded e-mails, drug abuse, illegal aliens,...

DATE: March 1, 2010 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Rafting bill takes the wrong approach

John Donne said, “The right of all people to all things is utter chaos."The commercial river rafters' bill is more revenge than resolution. The simplest solution would have been to prohibitman-made...

DATE: March 1, 2010 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Urge Commissioner Riddle to resign

County Commissioner Joelle Riddle's politically motivated lawsuit against County Clerk Linda Daley has cost county taxpayers $18,000 and c ounting. Because Riddle missed a filing deadline to...

DATE: Feb. 28, 2010 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Make your voice heard on POST plan

The draft Parks, Open Space, Trails and Recreation Master Plan is now available for community review on the city Website: www.durangogov.org.This document will act as a guide for when, where and...

DATE: Feb. 27, 2010 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Deadline to protect your water is today

I am writing to support Chris Dolphin's recent letter to the editor (Herald, Feb. 16). She is the candidate for countycommissioner we need to elect because she would fight to defend landowners'...

DATE: Feb. 26, 2010 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

There is no right to trespass or litter

In his op-ed piece regarding river access (Opinion, Herald, Feb. 21), Mark Squillace says, “It is long past time forthe Colorado Legislature to give all Colorado residents the rights that are...

DATE: Feb. 25, 2010 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Olympians work hard to make us proud

I have utmost respect for all people who have served our country, something I did not do. I remember my daddy swingingat me when I came into his bedroom when I was sick in the middle of the night -...

DATE: Feb. 24, 2010 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Durango needs a VA clinic open to all

My husband is a disabled Vietnam veteran, whose primary-care doctor is at the Grand Junction Veterans Affairs hospital.He recently was seen at the Denver VA Hospital and given orders for blood...

DATE: Feb. 24, 2010 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Ignacio coach led team in rude conduct

My first visit to Ignacio was the 2008-2009 basketball season. As I drove into town, I saw a sign that stated it is atri-racial community. I was very impressed and thought, wow, this must be a neat...

DATE: Feb. 23, 2010 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Work to fix America's real problems

We can change this world if we changed individually. If we forwarded no more e-mails unless we know for a fact they aretrue and deleted all others. If we accepted as a fact that “Real America" is...

DATE: Feb. 23, 2010 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

BHS girls need new basketball coach

I am a longtime true-blue supporter of high school athletics in our area; team sports are an important and integralpart of our youths' development and education. Over the last four years, I have...

DATE: Feb. 22, 2010 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

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