A banner year for weeds, and the next wave is coming to La Plata County

By Ben Bain After one of the driest years on record, we experienced one of the wettest winters. What does it mean for vegetation and weeds this summer? The good news is that there will be a lot of...

DATE: June 21, 2019 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Ketamine center aims to help those with depression, PTSD, chronic pain

People living with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain have a new option for treatment in Durango, in the form of an old medication called ketamine. Dr. Dan Caplin opened...

DATE: June 20, 2019 | UPDATED: 3 days 15 hours ago | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

To thrive, La Plata County gardeners need to know their microclimate

It’s not easy gardening in Southwest Colorado – with its erratic temperature fluctuations, whipping winds and snowstorms that could hit pretty much at any time. But still, people make it happen....

DATE: June 13, 2019 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Forest Service analysis released on aspen logging project

The Dolores Ranger District of the San Juan National Forest has released a draft Environmental Assessment for an aspen logging project. The proposed project targets mature aspen stands in five...

DATE: June 12, 2019 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Veterans back effort to preserve Camp Hale in Colorado’s high country

ASPEN (AP) – When Garett Reppenhagen returned from Iraq, the need to process the trauma of war led him into Colorado’s backcountry. “My natural instinct was to get outdoors,” he said. “The outdoors...

DATE: June 9, 2019 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Cool weather creates Colorado birding paradise

Expert and enthusiast bird-watchers in Colorado are having a ball right now thanks to several late snowstorms and this spring’s long stretch of cold weather. Arvind Panjabi, an avian conservation...

DATE: June 7, 2019 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Young farmers want to bring food to underserved populations

Supporting young farmers to grow food destined for the dinner tables of underserved populations sounds like a win-win for all involved. But can it work, realistically and financially? An effort is...

DATE: June 2, 2019 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Health issues rise amid oil, gas boom in New Mexico

When Dee George was about 7 years old, his family moved to the outskirts of Carlsbad, New Mexico, where they bought an acre of land, set up a mobile home and planted mulberry trees. They had a...

DATE: May 26, 2019 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Students learn to protect their minds from toxic stress

Big Picture High School sophomore Ava Aragon taught her peers how to focus on the flame of a candle this spring to help them calm down. The lesson was part of a class focused on understanding...

DATE: May 23, 2019 | CATEGORY: Health

Bears Ears’ visitor center is a grassroots affair

The terracotta mesas and umber buttes reveal that this is an exceptional place. Yet not one sign from the Bureau of Land Management or the U.S. Forest Service, the two federal agencies that jointly...

DATE: May 19, 2019 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

In beetle kill forests, there are winners and losers

When it comes to how wildlife adjust to living in forests ravaged by the beetle outbreak in Colorado, there are winners and losers, according to new research. The mountain pine and spruce beetle...

DATE: May 18, 2019 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

Border wall to go up in national monument, wildlife refuge

PHOENIX – The U.S. government plans on replacing barriers through 100 miles of the southern border in California and Arizona, including through a national monument and a wildlife refuge, according...

DATE: May 14, 2019 | CATEGORY: Southwest Life

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