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Southwest Life

Midnight on the Ganges

We pushed off from the stone steps along the western bank of the Ganges around 11 p.m. Twelve passengers and a ferryman in a small wooden boat headed north along the edge ofIndia's great holy...

DATE: Dec. 20, 2009 | CATEGORY: Travel

Man and the Moon

CEDAR MESA, Utah - Standing on a wide stone shelf, looking across the canyon as mid-morning sun lit the opposite side, I stood in silence viewing Moon House for the first time.I stared at the...

DATE: Dec. 13, 2009 | CATEGORY: Travel

Nakation, anyone? Reasons to bare all on vacation

These are hard times for clothing-optional travelers. Last summer, thanks to two highly publicized incidents, naked became synonymous with crazy. In one, a passenger stripped during a US Airways...

DATE: Dec. 5, 2009 | CATEGORY: Travel

Coming soon: GeoQuiz, the board game

It's the game that teaches good Americans to buy up everything and create dynasties so they can have all the money. What's not to love? It's capitalism at its finest. It teaches greed, hoarding...

DATE: Dec. 5, 2009 | CATEGORY: Travel

Best seats still available for GeoQuiz

Are we in a rut?Since its debut on Feb. 15, 2004, every GeoQuiz has been fill-in-the-blank or multiple choice. This time, one of ourzillions of loyal readers suggested, you should make it an essay...

DATE: Nov. 29, 2009 | CATEGORY: Travel

Don't fly high: Five reasons to lose the booze when traveling

Don't drink and fly.Words to live by, not just if you're a pilot, but also if you're a passenger.Sandra Langer explains why: On a recent trip from Amsterdam to New York, she watched a good number...

DATE: Nov. 29, 2009 | CATEGORY: Travel

Help! My car rental company is taking me to court

Q: We recently rented a car through Hertz in Scotland. When we returned the vehicle, we asked a representative if he wanted to inspect it. He declined.To our surprise, we later found a $250 charge...

DATE: Nov. 15, 2009 | CATEGORY: Travel

No skating through this GeoQuiz

The "goal" of this GeoQuiz is to keep you - the reader - out of the penalty box.The fact that this week's theme revolves around the sport of hockey shouldn't send you off to the Dear Abby column....

DATE: Nov. 15, 2009 | CATEGORY: Travel

The Guns of Imogene

IMOGENE PASS - Colorado tourism promoters extol our scenery, our fall colors and our snow-capped peaks, but nobodymentions our historic machine-gun nest above 13,000 feet. At the top of Imogene...

DATE: Nov. 8, 2009 | CATEGORY: Travel

Just how colorful is Colorado?

First we picked on Delaware. That was way too easy. Then we went big: Texas. Apparently Texans are not easily irked. There was little response to the Oct. 18 GeoQuiz - even to the No. 2 bodily...

DATE: Oct. 31, 2009 | CATEGORY: Travel

This week, we pick on someone bigger

Believe it or not, some Dela-wareans were a little miffed by the last GeoQuiz.All I can say is we achieved our goal, and that was to reassure ourselves that, yes indeed, someone does actually care...

DATE: Oct. 17, 2009 | CATEGORY: Travel

Leaping salmon and Kodiak bears, oh my

It’s been said that Durango is a small town made up of people from big towns, each bringing a unique lifestyle, occupation and creativity. They arrive because of the beauty that surrounds us. Rita...

DATE: Oct. 17, 2009 | CATEGORY: Travel

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