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How to avoid fees for changing flights

DALLAS – Airlines now get one-fourth of their revenue from sources other than fares – mostly fees – and one of the biggest is a charge of up to $200 to change or cancel a ticket. The fee galls...

DATE: Feb. 20, 2016 | CATEGORY: Travel

Happily meandering in Nova Scotia

NOVA SCOTIA, Canada When my wife and I told people we were going to Nova Scotia to hike, many seemed mystified. The province is not very big, and their mental picture was of a placid landscape on a...

DATE: Feb. 20, 2016 | CATEGORY: Travel

To pacify fliers, airlines restore tiny perks

NEW YORK – After 15 years of near austerity, U.S. airlines are restoring some small perks for passengers crammed into coach. Don’t expect ample legroom or free checked bags. But fliers will find...

DATE: Feb. 13, 2016 | CATEGORY: Travel

Hotels cater to guests’ desire to stay healthy

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Running concierges, a hotel mini bar stocked with produce from the local farmers market and a training wall that comes standard in every room. The hotel industry is moving...

DATE: Feb. 13, 2016 | CATEGORY: Travel

Lonely Planet names Philadelphia top destination

PHILADELPHIA – Lonely Planet gave some love to The City of Brotherly Love last week, ranking Philadelphia the No. 1 place to visit in the United States in 2016. “Philly’s on a roll right now,” the...

DATE: Feb. 13, 2016 | CATEGORY: Travel

In Italy, charmed by history – and pasta

An old Italian proverb says “a day without pasta is like a day without sunshine.” My husband and favorite travelling companion, Richard, and I were ready for some pasta and for our fourth trip to...

DATE: Feb. 6, 2016 | CATEGORY: Travel

The making of Mardi Gras: A celebration of creativity

NEW ORLEANS – It’s glitter season in New Orleans. A time for feathers, papier-mâché, sequins, paint, bailing wire, bones, and just about any other item that can be used for decoration. Across...

DATE: Feb. 6, 2016 | CATEGORY: Travel

How U.S. air travelers compare to the world

Imagine this scenario: An American and a Singaporean are flying together on a cross-country trip. An aisle seat upgrade becomes available, for a fee. Which passenger will open her wallet first? If...

DATE: Jan. 30, 2016 | CATEGORY: Travel

Magical Laotian town upended by surge in tourism

LUANG PRABANG, Laos It is officially described as the best-preserved city in Southeast Asia, a bygone seat of kings tucked into a remote river valley of Laos. Luang Prabang weaves a never-never...

DATE: Jan. 30, 2016 | CATEGORY: Travel

Las Vegas cabs overcharge by $47M a year

LAS VEGAS – If the cash you doled out for a Las Vegas cab ride hurt your wallet, it’s not all in your head – auditors in Nevada also think taxi rates are outrageous. Las Vegas-area cabs are...

DATE: Jan. 23, 2016 | CATEGORY: Travel

From architecture to cuisine, Phoenix can surprise you

PHOENIX – With hundreds of golf courses and 300 days of sunshine a year, it’s easy to cast metropolitan Phoenix as a retiree’s paradise that leaves everyone else out in the cold. But within the...

DATE: Jan. 23, 2016 | CATEGORY: Travel

Cruise trends: Extravagance and oddities on high seas

NEW YORK – Underwater sightseeing in a glass submarine, shopping with a chef for dinner ingredients and volunteering with locals: These are some of the new options this season for cruise...

DATE: Jan. 16, 2016 | CATEGORY: Travel

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