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A museum director who believes in more than the gallery walls

© 2015, The Washington Post NEAR FLAGSTAFF, Arizona - The big gala is approaching, but Michael Govan is a long way from his Hollywood tuxedo. He’s in an SUV, blazing down a dusty desert road...

DATE: Nov. 2, 2015 | CATEGORY: Visual Arts

Slavery as unavoidable subject matter

Slavery. It’s a charged word we don’t encounter too often, a word that, when you hear it or see it, almost forces a confrontation with our country’s dark history, persisting racial inequality and...

DATE: Oct. 29, 2015 | CATEGORY: Visual Arts

Repurposed children’s toys explore the dark sides of childhood

We’d like to think the world we create for our children is a blissful one – safe, secure, wholesome, enchanting – full of fluffy stuffed animals, sweet bedtime tales and loving adult protectors....

DATE: Oct. 22, 2015 | CATEGORY: Visual Arts

Next week, not to miss

It sounds like a beeping and booping, retro flash-forward operation from a 1970s sci-fi flick. But Ben Barry’s Facebook Analog Research Laboratory, an internal graphic design and print studio and...

DATE: Sept. 3, 2015 | CATEGORY: Visual Arts

Oh, the kitsch these days!

At first glance, they are cheap, yellow, rubber dishwashing gloves with a peculiar floral pattern – perhaps an ingenious, cutting-edge promotional movie product tie-in, or maybe just...

DATE: Aug. 27, 2015 | CATEGORY: Visual Arts

Trash and treasure: The art of the dumpster

They are receptacles for our refuse, the items we’ve deemed unfit in our presence: food waste, broken chairs, filthy tissues, diapers. They’re where we throw our garbage, massive metal bins usually...

DATE: Aug. 20, 2015 | CATEGORY: Visual Arts

When legend becomes fact, paint the legend

You might expect the story to go like this: Guy grows up around ranches and cowpokes and gets swept up in traveling rodeos. So knee-deep in the culture, when he begins painting, he naturally...

DATE: Aug. 5, 2015 | CATEGORY: Visual Arts

‘A canvas never goes into shock’ and other observations by a tattooer moonlighting as an artist

Looking at the poster promoting Tom Kipp’s upcoming show, you’ll notice this peculiar description: “An exercise in willful self-motivation disguised an art show.” It’s one part pure, oozing, Tom...

DATE: Aug. 4, 2015 | CATEGORY: Visual Arts

The art of the hustle

Call it cutting out the middleman. Call it direct-to-consumer selling, or real-world crowdsourcing. Whatever you call it, about 20 years ago, artist Paul Folwell made a decision on how he would go...

DATE: July 23, 2015 | CATEGORY: Visual Arts

Open Shutter brings distinct, surprising outlooks with two new photography shows

A fancy show dog is groomed atop its cage, which has a child inside. Clothespins cling to a line as children bounce on a trampoline in the background. A massive, pinkish-orange sky dwarfs Sleeping...

DATE: July 2, 2015 | CATEGORY: Visual Arts

DAC showcases regional photography talent

Like last summer’s inaugural photography show at Durango Arts Center, “Exhibit REPRISE” may take everyone by surprise – again. The show, which opens Friday and runs through August 1, is the second...

DATE: June 25, 2015 | CATEGORY: Visual Arts

Skin in the game: Artist Shay Lopez displays his versatility in new show ‘Skinscapes’

Walking into Studio & last Wednesday, one would have found Shay Lopez with his back to the entrance, standing before an easel in leather flip-flops he made himself, both his right thumb and...

DATE: June 11, 2015 | CATEGORY: Visual Arts

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