Mike Kopp: Polis’ executive order opens way to electoral fraud

Like most Coloradans, I’m proud of the way our state is handling the COVID-19 crisis, and for this Gov. Jared Polis deserves real credit. He rallied the people of our state to flatten the curve of...

DATE: May 29, 2020 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Bret Stephens: ‘You won’t live to see your next birthday’

New Year’s Eve, 1943. Lajos Stillmann is celebrating his 22nd birthday with friends in a Budapest, Hungary, apartment. Someone suggests paying a visit to a nearby palm reader. The palm reader takes...

DATE: May 25, 2020 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Andrew Romanoff: Prescription for the pandemic is Medicare for All

If you go outside at 8 p.m. on any given night, you can hear people howling. I often join in, too. We’re voicing our support for health care providers and other heroes – the women and men working...

DATE: May 23, 2020 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Michael Fields: Is this the time for another Colorado comeback?

As Colorado begins to open back up, we know we have a big economic hole to dig out of. Unemployment claims are over 420,000, businesses have shuttered and a lot of Coloradans have seen their hours...

DATE: May 22, 2020 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Bruce Babbitt: Retire some ag lands to save the Colorado River

It is no exaggeration to say that a mega-drought not seen in 500 years has descended on the seven Colorado River Basin states: Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and California....

DATE: May 22, 2020 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Jerry Brady: They want us to open everything now? Really?

Open a business now and or stay the course? Sacrifice lives or sacrifice jobs? The issue is almost as fraught as the simple choice facing all of us: Do we wear a mask to protect others or go...

DATE: May 22, 2020 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

David Brooks: We need a program of national service right now

There is now a vast army of young people ready and yearning to serve their country. There are college graduates emerging into a workplace that has few jobs for them. There are more high school...

DATE: May 17, 2020 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Jack Turner: We deserve a choice on county commission ballots

What if there was only one candidate in each of the two La Plata County commissioner races next November? Gov. Jared Polis and Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold have made this scenario more...

DATE: May 16, 2020 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Dean Brookie: Durango has opportunity to shape its own recovery

During the past seven years, I have been honored to serve on Durango City Council, and I am humbled to start my second term as mayor. I would like to thank Melissa Youssef for her exceptional...

DATE: May 15, 2020 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Paul Griffin: Fossil fuels are a hidden weapon in COVID-19 fight

There has always been an inherent danger in the notion of abandoning fossil fuels, especially proposals by governments and institutions to clear their environmental conscience by divesting from oil...

DATE: May 11, 2020 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Horace Cooper: Price hikes not the way to reform Postal Service

It is an open secret in Washington that the United States Postal Service needs reform. But recent calls for government-mandated price hikes should not be one of them. Like any business facing...

DATE: May 10, 2020 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Duane Highley: Tri-State has delivered on its promises to LPEA

Last May, I had the privilege to attend La Plata Electric Association’s annual meeting, where I was humbled by the opportunity to share my vision for Tri-State’s transformation with LPEA’s...

DATE: May 9, 2020 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

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