Writers on the Range: We can act now to fight wildfires

For the 2021 fire season, the writing is on the wall. The West, despite a few days of intense winter, is far drier than it was leading up to last year’s record-breaking fires. As a hotshot...

DATE: March 25, 2021 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Tori Ossola: Don’t take out COVID-19 anger on hospitality workers

Please don’t take out your COVID-19 anger on the very person who’s trying to make your evening or your vacation a great experience. On my job as general manager of a downtown Durango hotel, it...

DATE: March 23, 2021 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Jan and Greg Phillips: How to evaluate health-care reform proposals

Regardless of political leaning, most Americans can agree that the U.S. health care system is problematic. Per capita health care spending is nearly twice as high as that of other wealthy nations...

DATE: March 20, 2021 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Rep. Barbara McLachlan: Media literacy is essential to an educated populace

The term “media literacy” is not well known, yet it rankled legislators in the statehouse last week, leading to a filibuster, several amendments and a very long conversation concerning teaching...

DATE: March 19, 2021 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Letter: Buell is hard-working, passionate entrepreneur

I fully support Jessika Buell for City Council. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Jessika over the last six years. Not only is she a hard-working and passionate entrepreneur, but she is...

DATE: March 17, 2021 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Letter: Youssef’s work with youth inclusive, supportive

As a member of the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission (MYAC), I have had the privilege of working with Councilwoman Youssef for a full year, and I can say with complete confidence that she is one of...

DATE: March 16, 2021 | COLUMN: Life in the Legislature

Don Coram: You can’t pick and choose from the law

It is not a buffet. I marvel that people often talk about the Constitution without the understanding that it is a complete document. You do not get to pick and choose what you like. Well, guess...

DATE: March 13, 2021 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Soleil Gaylord: Time for Haaland at the helm of Interior

A portrait of Andrew Jackson – arbiter of forced removal for tens of thousands of Cherokee, Creek, Seminole and Choctaw people – came down from the Oval Office wall just hours after Joe Biden’s...

DATE: March 7, 2021 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Allen Best: Will Comanche 3 be the state’s last coal plant?

Coal to feed the roaring blast furnaces of Pueblo’s steel mill was being mined a century ago at dozens of hamlets in the foothills of Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo Range. Little remains today of...

DATE: March 6, 2021 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Rep. Barbara McLachlan: Playing “Mother, May I?” and “High Hurdles”

My last few weeks have been filled with Zooms, phone calls and research concerning a Legislative Game combining “Mother, May I?” with the High Hurdles. It’s been grueling and challenging. Senators...

DATE: March 5, 2021 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Paul Krugman: Too much choice is a bad thing

Dan Patrick, the lieutenant governor of Texas, is clearly what my father would have called a piece of work. Early in the pandemic he made headlines by saying that older Americans should be willing...

DATE: March 4, 2021 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Dan Harms: How reliable is our power supply in Southwest Colorado?

It has been an epic month for the national power grid, with severe weather causing rolling blackouts in Texas and widespread power outages across the United States. In the wake of these events, La...

DATE: Feb. 27, 2021 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

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