Frank Bruni: The agonizing imperfection of Mayor Pete Buttigieg

If I dreamed up an ideal Democratic opponent for President Donald Trump in 2020, I’d locate that candidate in the industrial Midwest. That’s where Hillary Clinton lost the last election, and it’s...

DATE: Oct. 16, 2019 | COLUMN: Frank Bruni

Jamelle Bouie: Andrew Johnson’s violent language – and Trump’s

In a rage over impeachment, President Donald Trump recently accused Rep. Adam Schiff of “treason,” promised “Big Consequences” for the whistleblower who sounded the alarm about his phone call with...

DATE: Oct. 15, 2019 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Kathleen Parker: One thing’s for sure, China won’t die laughing

WASHINGTON – Dictators. Always so humorous. Take China’s communist officialdom. You’ve probably heard about the “South Park” episode last week that the Chinese government didn’t find amusing. And...

DATE: Oct. 14, 2019 | COLUMN: Kathleen Parker

Sen. Michael Bennet: Colorado honors immigrants even as Trump administration disgraces us

Since coming to office, President Trump has waged an all-out assault on America’s immigrant tradition. From separating children at the border to seizing parents in school parking lots to...

DATE: Oct. 14, 2019 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Tom Stritikus: For students and schools, I’m supporting Prop CC

As a relatively new Coloradan, I’ve quickly become inspired by the promise and potential of our state. I can’t think of a better place to live and work. Our communities care for each other. We...

DATE: Oct. 13, 2019 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Robin Halloran: 9-R bid to arm staff is based on misinformation

The principles of a fair and just society are built on a common understanding of basic tenets in which truth outweighs fiction and we care for all of our vulnerable populations. When fear-based...

DATE: Oct. 12, 2019 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

David Brooks: Why some Trump voters are holding on (for dear life)

An imagined conversation between Flyover Man and Urban Guy. URBAN GUY: I hope you read the rough transcript of that Trump phone call with the Ukrainian president. Trump clearly used public power to...

DATE: Oct. 8, 2019 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Michael Gerson: We have an American president who doesn’t understand America

WASHINGTON – One of the puzzling aspects of Donald Trump’s hyper-nationalism is its consistent denigration of the nation itself. In a 2017 Oval Office conversation between Trump, Russian Foreign...

DATE: Oct. 7, 2019 | COLUMN: Michael Gerson

Clint McKnight: Let Democrats lead on wilderness protections

Colorado’s cherished wild landscapes are something to celebrate but nothing to take for granted. We will lose them if we don’t act boldly to protect both the land and the wildlife that depends upon...

DATE: Oct. 7, 2019 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Kate Greenberg: Water weaves the tapestry that binds us together

As I drove to the Yampa Valley in August to attend a water conference in Steamboat Springs, the sun blazed down hot, the late wildflowers still bloomed in the high country and the aspens had barely...

DATE: Oct. 6, 2019 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Sen. Michael Bennet: We can act now to end surprise medical bills

Don Binetti is a Coloradan with health insurance. Three years ago, a life-threatening clot was discovered in his aortic valve, requiring him to be rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment....

DATE: Oct. 5, 2019 | COLUMN: Guest Columns

Michael Gerson: The impeachment process is inevitable

WASHINGTON – For the first time in American history, the president has pleaded guilty to an impeachable offense. This is effectively what happened when the White House released the readout from...

DATE: Oct. 4, 2019 | COLUMN: Michael Gerson

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