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Swirling winds blow change downtown

The wind is an often-used metaphor for change. For me, the word “wind” creates a mental image of a natural force not to be ignored or denied. You can resist wind for a while, but it eventually...

DATE: Nov. 1, 2011 | COLUMN: What's Up Downtown

Grand Canyon braces for density

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. Just before tourists reach the entrance to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, they see Tusayan, a tiny town with a scattering of modest hotels, restaurants and gift shops that could be...

DATE: Nov. 1, 2011 | CATEGORY: Business

Contracts to buy homes fell 4.6% in September

WASHINGTON – The number of Americans who signed contracts to buy homes fell for the third consecutive month in September after the spring-and-summer peak buying season failed to entice new...

DATE: Oct. 29, 2011 | CATEGORY: Business

New Business Brief

Durango Brew Supply announces opening Durango Brew Supply announces its opening at 463 Turner Drive, No. 102DThe business is owned by Nick Collins and Ryan Hannigan, both avid homebrewers and...

DATE: Oct. 29, 2011 | CATEGORY: Business

Business Briefs

Aaron Renner finishes apprenticeship program La Plata Electric Association’s Aaron Renner has completed the four-year lineman apprenticeship program, earning him the position of journeyman lineman,...

DATE: Oct. 29, 2011 | CATEGORY: Business

New mine grounds Trinidad

TRINIDAD (AP) The depths of the New Elk Coal Mine near Trinidad are white.The miners who work several thousand feet below the Earth’s surface are dusted in white powder, too. While their noses and...

DATE: Oct. 29, 2011 | CATEGORY: Business

Herald management gains two new people

Relationship-building and online media are among the focuses of two new managers who joined Ballantine Communications Inc. this month. Ken Amundson will be the general manager of the company’s four...

DATE: Oct. 29, 2011 | CATEGORY: Business

Yergin: Politics threaten energy

NEW YORK – Fears that energy producers will be unable to meet rising global demand have come and gone many times since oil was first drilled in Titusville, Pa., in 1859.They surfaced again earlier...

DATE: Oct. 29, 2011 | CATEGORY: Business

Holiday gloom: A bad economic mood descends

NEW YORK – Americans say they feel worse about the economy than they have since the depths of the Great Recession. And it’s a bad time for a bad mood because households are starting to make their...

DATE: Oct. 25, 2011 | CATEGORY: Business

The unexpected benefits of a bad economy

A volatile stock market, depressed home values, scarce jobs. Right now, you have many reasons to worry about money. But all is not doom and gloom; even these clouds can have a silver lining.Let’s...

DATE: Oct. 25, 2011 | CATEGORY: Business

Owners click with consumers

Small business owners juggle a lot.There are local, state and federal tax records and filings to be done. Accounting, inventory, board meetings, customer service, advertising and numerous other...

DATE: Oct. 25, 2011 | CATEGORY: Business

Stocks fall as the hope for Europe debt deal diminishes

NEW YORK – Stocks closed with steep losses Tuesday after disappointing corporate earnings and reports that a key meeting of European financial ministers had been canceled. Assets that tend to hold...

DATE: Oct. 25, 2011 | CATEGORY: Business

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