Gold King Mine spill

EPA announces more Gold King Mine spill reimbursements

More money is coming to local, state and tribal entities affected by the Gold King Mine spill, the Environmental Protection Agency announced Friday on the event’s one-year anniversary. La Plata...

DATE: Aug. 5, 2016 | CATEGORY: Local News

Who profited from the Gold King Mine spill?

The Gold King Mine spill brought an abrupt end to Durango’s 2015 rafting season and temporarily shut down some ranching operations along the Animas River. But the environmental mishap wasn’t all...

DATE: Aug. 4, 2016 | CATEGORY: Local News

Gold King Mine spill recovery better in some areas than others

The full impact of the Gold King Mine spill on Aug. 5, 2015, may not be known for years on any front, and recovery is far from over. And some of that isn’t environmental, governmental or economic –...

DATE: Aug. 4, 2016 | CATEGORY: Local News

Gold King Mine spill’s effect on artists

Nature can be a huge influence on art, and when something disastrous happens in nature – such as the Gold King Mine spill that overwhelmed the Animas River with its mustard-yellow plume last August...

DATE: Aug. 4, 2016 | CATEGORY: Visual Arts

EPA manager says Superfund warranted in Silverton area

Preliminary investigations this summer show that pollution in the Silverton area merit a Superfund listing, the Environmental Protection Agency’s project manager for the Bonita Peak Mining District...

DATE: Aug. 4, 2016 | CATEGORY: Local News

EPA: Released documents will be made searchable

Thousands of emails related to the Gold King Mine spill that were posted online last week by the Environmental Protection Agency will eventually be made searchable, the agency said Thursday. The...

DATE: Aug. 4, 2016 | CATEGORY: Local News

EPA releases 29,000 documents in response to open records requests

The Environmental Protection Agency has a knack for releasing things en masse. Last year, it was 3 million gallons of toxic wastewater from the Gold King Mine above Silverton. And last week, it was...

DATE: Aug. 3, 2016 | CATEGORY: Local News

Criminal investigation into Gold King Mine spill confirmed

DENVER – Federal investigators have confirmed that a criminal investigation is going in connection to last year’s Gold King Mine spill. The Environmental Protection Agency Office of Inspector...

DATE: Aug. 2, 2016 | CATEGORY: Local News

Sunnyside Gold Corp. calls for dismissal of New Mexico lawsuit

Twenty-five years ago Tuesday, Sunnyside Gold Corp. shuttered the last operating mine in Silverton, yet the company’s involvement in the region is very much alive. On Friday, Sunnyside – now owned...

DATE: Aug. 1, 2016 | CATEGORY: Local News

EPA report links Colorado to errors that led to Gold King Mine spill

DENVER – The Environmental Protection Agency continues to link the state to errors that resulted in the release of 3 million gallons of toxic mining sludge into the Animas River. In a one-year...

DATE: Aug. 1, 2016 | CATEGORY: Local News

EPA point man during Gold King spill tells Ophir residents ‘Don’t get excited’ about yellow water

The Environmental Protection Agency on-scene coordinator whose orders last August ultimately caused the Gold King Mine blowout recently had some choice words about the people of Durango and their...

DATE: July 28, 2016 | CATEGORY: Local News

EPA reimbursements for Gold King Mine spill coming for local governments

More federal money to cover Gold King Mine spill costs is on the way for La Plata and San Juan counties, though local businesses are still waiting for their reimbursements. Environmental Protection...

DATE: July 27, 2016 | CATEGORY: Local News

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