La Plata County Sheriff’s Office rejects managing new homeless site

The La Plata County Sheriff’s Office said it will not manage a proposed campsite adjacent to the Durango Dog Park where Durango City Council plans to allow homeless residents to sleep. City...

DATE: March 20, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

Homeless residents may be allowed to sleep near Dog Park

Durango City Council informally agreed to allow homeless residents to sleep on a site adjacent to the Durango Dog Park and parallel to U.S. Highway 160. Councilors did not take official action...

DATE: March 14, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

Lawmakers to decide if homeless have ‘right to rest’

DENVER – The Colorado House Local Government Committee on Wednesday is set to decide the fate of the “Right to Rest Act.” House Bill 1067 would roll back local laws that make it illegal to sit or...

DATE: March 14, 2018 | CATEGORY: Nation & World

Homeless camp west of Durango may stay in place this summer

Homeless residents living west of Durango city limits may be allowed to stay awhile because Durango city councilors and La Plata County commissioners have not identified an alternative location for...

DATE: March 5, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

Nonprofits helps pets living on street get help nationwide

FORT COLLINS (AP) – It’s 11 a.m. on a frigid Colorado morning. Several inches of snow fell overnight and the slushy sidewalks at the Sister Mary Alice Murphy Center for Hope are getting a healthy...

DATE: Feb. 23, 2018 | CATEGORY: Regional News

Downtown Durango Ambassadors will return in effort to curb panhandling

Efforts to reduce belligerent or unsafe behaviors of panhandlers downtown will begin March 17 when Downtown Ambassadors make their first appearance of 2018 – asking shoppers to donate to charities...

DATE: Feb. 20, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

Ideas flow at forum to address homelessness

Tents, tiny shelters, temporary and permanent houses are all potential solutions to ending homelessness, an advocate said Saturday during a day-long forum on the subject. “Ultimately, we have to...

DATE: Feb. 17, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

Rogue campground crops up in Durango Walmart parking lot

Homeless people staying overnight in RVs, vans and cars in the Walmart parking lot are being told this week they will be towed if they don’t leave. The manager of Durango’s Walmart location...

DATE: Feb. 17, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

Durango City Council proposes homeless shelters instead of a camp

Durango City Council has backed away from establishing a formally designated campground for homeless residents and instead is considering setting up shelters in churches, city buildings, county...

DATE: Feb. 15, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

Beyond tent cities, Durango-area residents consider village for the homeless

As city of Durango and La Plata County officials wrestle with options for a temporary camp for homeless people, some advocates are floating the idea of a tiny home village to house residents living...

DATE: Feb. 14, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

Durango homeless camp may relocate by April

Local government officials are honing in on a new campground to temporarily house homeless residents, but potential tenants are concerned the small parcel could disrupt privacy. Durango and La...

DATE: Jan. 26, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

Emergency shelter in Cortez moves ahead with building plans

After almost a year of planning, the Bridge Emergency Shelter in Cortez is close to realizing its plans for a new building with transitional housing. Executive director Laurie Knutson said the...

DATE: Jan. 24, 2018 | CATEGORY: Local News

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