La Plata County Commissioners

Westendorff prevails at caucuses

Delegates at Democratic caucuses in La Plata County showed a clear preference for Julie Westendorff as their candidate for District 3 county commissioner.During the caucuses Tuesday night, 100...

DATE: March 7, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Pennington joins county commissioner race

His great-greandfather brought the first train-car load of honey bees to Colorado. Now his sights are set on a job as a La Plata County commissioner.Bayfield resident Roger Pennington, a...

DATE: March 7, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

County-commissioner bill backers have bumpy ride

DENVER – Two Southwest Colorado legislators hit turbulence Wednesday in their bid to change the way county commissioners are elected.House Bill 1159 began as an attempt by Rep. J. Paul Brown,...

DATE: Feb. 29, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Democrat to seek county commission seat

On Thursday, Eno, a wine bar on East Second Avenue, flirted with the limits of its fire capacity as Democrat Gwen Lachelt announced her candidacy to challenge Republican Kellie Hotter for the...

DATE: Feb. 16, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Embattled committee deflects shake-up

The make-up of the La Plata County Planning Commission will remain largely unchanged despite the controversy that surrounded the body last year during consideration of a comprehensive...

DATE: Feb. 14, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Letter to editor leads to ouster

It took just 11 minutes Tuesday for La Plata County commissioners to cast a unanimous vote to remove Alternate Planning Commissioner Art Charette from his appointed post.“This is a sad day for the...

DATE: Aug. 23, 2011 | CATEGORY: Local News

Solutions hinge on involvement

Even before the recession began hammering family finances, researchers say, many of Colorado's working families were falling fast into poverty. The economic downturn continues to compound the...

DATE: Jan. 18, 2011 | CATEGORY: Local News

Single mom overcomes poverty to earn degree

Nicole Pearson came to town six years ago ready to take on the world. Or at least a degree from Fort Lewis College.If only it had worked out so simply.She met someone. Then came two children....

DATE: Jan. 18, 2011 | CATEGORY: Local News

The Durango way: Work lots, still come up short

It's a predicament many Durangoans know well: multiple jobs but still not enough money to pay all the bills. Earnings too high for assistance but too low to really make it.It's hanging onto the...

DATE: Jan. 17, 2011 | CATEGORY: Local News

When leaving is the only choice

As a single mother with a 3-year-old boy, Diana Williams faces tough decisions every day.Like what to cut when the grocery bill is the only thing left.“I could maybe get by eating ramen noodles and...

DATE: Jan. 17, 2011 | CATEGORY: Local News

Single father of four fights to keep roof over family's head

Butch Lawrence started over three times last year. He's lived in the woods more than once. There was a time when “home” was his car, parked at a local gas station. Lawrence has four children...

DATE: Jan. 15, 2011 | CATEGORY: Local News

The new face of poverty? It's your neighbor's

Poverty isn't new in La Plata County, but today it has new faces.They are the faces of people with homes, cars and histories of self-sufficiency. Many of them aren't making it here anymore.“There...

DATE: Jan. 15, 2011 | CATEGORY: Local News

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