Lake Nighthorse

Lake Nighthorse gets OK for annexation, zoning

Despite reluctance and some skepticism about projected operational costs and revenues from fees that will be brought in by recreationalists at Lake Nighthorse, annexing and zoning the 1,500...

DATE: Oct. 24, 2017 | CATEGORY: Local News

Lake Nighthorse: Residents need to agree on a vision for recreation before the gates swing open

On these clear, windless autumn days Lake Nighthorse reflects the sky like a mirror. And while news that the lake may open in the spring of 2018 is exciting, we wonder just what folks expect to see...

DATE: Oct. 18, 2017 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Annexation of Lake Nighthorse by city of Durango begins

The city took a small step toward opening Lake Nighthorse Tuesday evening by beginning the annexation process. The Durango City Council accepted a petition submitted by the Bureau of Reclamation to...

DATE: Oct. 17, 2017 | CATEGORY: Local News

Lake Nighthorse may open for recreation in 2018

After many years of planning and anticipation, Lake Nighthorse is expected to open in 2018. But the city of Durango must annex the lake on County Road 210 and finish several construction projects...

DATE: Oct. 6, 2017 | CATEGORY: Local News

West La Plata County residents one step closer to water

West La Plata County residents are one step closer to receiving water after the La Plata West Water Authority entered the final design phase of engineering this month on the construction of a...

DATE: June 25, 2017 | CATEGORY: Local News

No-wake Lake Nighthorse petition draws 1,200 signatures

A petition aimed at preventing wakes on Lake Nighthorse was presented to the Durango City Council on Monday. Rose Chilcoat, with the Quiet Lake Nighthorse Coalition, delivered about 1,200...

DATE: June 19, 2017 | CATEGORY: Local News

Protection plan for Lake Nighthorse approved

A plan for protecting the archaeological sites around Lake Nighthorse when it opens to the public and during development was approved Tuesday by the Durango City Council. Councilor Dick White...

DATE: June 7, 2017 | CATEGORY: Local News

Petition calls for speed limit for boats on Lake Nighthorse

Hundreds of people are backing a petition calling for slow boating that creates no wake on Lake Nighthorse. The Quiet Lake Nighthorse Coalition formally launched its efforts last Saturday during...

DATE: May 5, 2017 | CATEGORY: Local News

Bureau of Reclamation OKs Lake Nighthorse lease

The Bureau of Reclamation recently approved a lease agreement that will allow the city of Durango to manage recreation at Lake Nighthorse. The city approved the 25-year lease in January, and the...

DATE: Feb. 1, 2017 | CATEGORY: Local News

City signs lease for Lake Nighthorse

The Durango City Council approved a long-awaited lease Tuesday that will allow the city to manage recreation at Lake Nighthorse. “We have been waiting for this to be on the agenda since 2009,”...

DATE: Jan. 3, 2017 | CATEGORY: Local News

Most public commenters wanted motorboat-free Lake Nighthorse

More than 250 public comments submitted on Lake Nighthorse recreation focused overwhelmingly on the most common complaint surrounding the lake’s management: keep motorized boats out of the water....

DATE: Dec. 20, 2016 | CATEGORY: Local News

Lake Nighthorse to open seasonally to motorized boating

A final environmental assessment was released Monday for the Lake Nighthorse recreation plan, which will open waters to motorized boating for portions of the year. The Bureau of Reclamation chose...

DATE: Dec. 19, 2016 | CATEGORY: Local News

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