Voters showed desire for status quo in Durango City Council election, observers say

Durango voters showed indecision, a desire for stability and a nod to experience based on this week’s City Council election results, which tapped an incumbent and two newbies from a pool of six...

DATE: April 9, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Durango votes to increase lodgers tax

Durango residents approved ballot measure 1-A, a lodgers tax increase, by a narrow margin during the Durango election Tuesday, according to unofficial results. The ballot measure increases the...

DATE: April 6, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Durango business leaders back lodgers tax support committee

Five people, all leaders in Durango’s business community, are the primary funders of a campaign committee advocating for the Durango lodgers tax to be increased. The only measure on the April 6...

DATE: April 2, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Voter turnout low so far in Durango City Council election

Based on early ballot returns, voter turnout for Tuesday’s Durango City Council election might be lower than it was in each of the past three elections. Six candidates are vying for three open...

DATE: April 2, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Who is opening wallets to back Durango City Council candidates?

Most Durango City Council candidates have collected donations from prominent businesses in town, while others have stuck with small donations or no donations at all. Six candidates are running for...

DATE: March 30, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

What would Durango’s diversity efforts look like with new councilors?

When the six Durango City Council candidates described how they would handle the city’s top goal – expanding its diversity, equity and inclusion work – they focused on continuing the city’s...

DATE: March 26, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Will Durangoans pass a lodgers tax increase?

As the April 6 city election approaches, Durango residents are weighing the pros and cons of a proposed lodgers tax increase in addition to their choices for City Council candidates. Ballot measure...

DATE: March 24, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

City Council candidates take stances on lodgers tax, climate change in forum

Durango City Council candidates tackled nine local issues Monday in the last public forum ahead of the April 6 election. Six candidates are running for three open seats on City Council. One person,...

DATE: March 23, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Lisa McCorry ends City Council campaign

Durango resident Lisa McCorry ended her campaign for City Council on Friday, urging people not to vote for her although she is already listed on the ballot. McCorry, 41, was one of seven candidates...

DATE: March 22, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Durango groups call lodgers tax a ‘landmark effort’

In fall 2019, representatives of tourism, lodging, events and arts organizations gathered in the Strater Hotel’s Oak Room. Their goal: to negotiate a lodgers tax increase proposal to pitch to...

DATE: March 21, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

How will Durango City Council candidates address the environment?

When it comes to the environment, Durango’s seven City Council candidates plan to focus on a wide-ranging list of issues, but one – wildfire management – rose to the top. The candidates are running...

DATE: March 19, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Durango City Council candidates push for faster progress on homelessness

Durango has talked about addressing homelessness for years. Many of Durango’s seven City Council candidates are pushing for talk to turn into action. The candidates are running for three open seats...

DATE: March 18, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

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